Where to start: duplicating an NTAG 213?

I have a fob card that the PM3’s HF Search and HF MFU INFO identifies as an NTAG 213 with 7 hex byte UID. Of course the MFU INFO also tells me a lot more, most of which I don’t know about their significance.

My question is: what are the steps and commands I need to go through to create a clone?

Do you have a magic tag?
Most HF tags cannot change their UID

Yes, I have some dual freq fobs that the HF is Gen1a.

Ok, that’s as useful as I am on cloning HF :sweat_smile:
Just wanted to make sure you had a tag that could actually change its uid

you need a UID changeable MFUL tag (see lab401) and then it’s just as simple as

hf mfu dump
hf mfu restore [filename]
hf mfu uid(something i forgot the post cliparser syntax)

If you restore the dump file to a new tag, does it not overwrite the old UID along with everything else?

no because the restore command isn’t trying to change the uid because most cards can’t change UID. your g1a won’t work for this you’ll need a magic ultralight

Interesting. I’ve previously only used the “hf mf csetuid -u [uid]” command with these tags, but with no problem with that to set the UID. Of course I realize mifare isn’t ntag…

you’re using the wrong syntax hf MFU not mf

Right, thanks. I was just saying that these fobs worked fine with mifare writes including UID changes. I’ll have to look to get some magic ultralights. Appreciate the help and advice!