Where to start- info on coatings or make safe

Hi There,

I’m a noob. I’ll admit, but lights are the big wish future. Northstar project was cool but huge, and I’m waiting for my (awesome) Firefly Tattoo Implant v1 to heal up.

Where would be a good start to look for info on bio-coatings, or making safe materials to implant? Recently these super small, beautiful, cool-temp LED’s are going into all kinds of “fairy lights”. (Will try a link, see if works).


What I’m distantly interested in, is either making-safe the wire material, or encapsulation, with maybe an external port (like a transdermal) for hooking up a battery pack. That’s as opposed to risking a battery at this time. One day we’ll get inductive recharging batteries and circuits small and safe enough to implant… one day!

Thank you muchly.

This is kinda an idea of what i’m thinking, sorry, it’s in paint.

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Interesting idea. Medical grade silicone is probably all you’d need to start experimenting with.