Where's everyone from

Hey Turonno pal :wave:t4:

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Also live is PA and can confirm, it is Pennsylvania

Yeah, Pennsylvania, actually got implanted near Philly :wink:

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Nashville, TN USA for now
I move a lot. I haven’t seen or met anyone from this area interest in this. lol


Upstate new York, near rochester


Otherwise known as Plaguesville.

Brisbane here.

You guys are still doing better than most!

Not Melbourne. 200+ cases a day at this point.

Bay Area, California

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Yeah, just have to make sure the frigging security guards and associated companies get raked over the coals for the hotel “quarintine” fiasco.

Near Tulsa Oklahoma United States here. Lived in Kansas and Missouri as a child, travel all over the US (not recently) and spent many months in Germany for work. When the current crisis chills out, I will be making another trip to Germany for a couple weeks for work.

I’m in West Michigan-- did you get your implant in MI? I’m looking for someone now

Family in Pacifica!

Hi all!! From Italy, Milan! Yeah


West Tennessee here. Big Orange Baby!

Montpellier France :wink:

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I cn’t add my location into the map, I logged in with my facebook account…
Austria - 2405 Hundsheim

Stockholm Sweden

I’m a few hours from Nashville :tangerine:


Gosh, I don’t see anyone else remotely near me in Singapore

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