Which Chlorhexidine to use?

Which chlorhexidine solution would I use to clean and store an implant that I’d like to get reinstalled at a later date?

I’ve only been able to find 2% chlorhexidine solution that’s meant for animals. I saw a couple products with 4% chlorhexidine but it was as a soap or shampoo.

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Its hard to get… need to be a lab or work through a registered one. You can’t use the animal stuff… or better if you don’t. The blue dye is meant to mark skin and not good for internal use… might also stain the implant.

The chlorhexidine soaps are also bad as they are soaps with all kinds of other additives inside:

The best alternative to pure chlorhexidine isopropyl water mix is just 70% isopropyl for 48+ hours. It won’t be absolutely murderous for all forms of viruses and bacteria but it will handle a ton of the very common types that normally cause infection in broken skin.


What are the chances we could ever just order a couple oz at a time from DT

A storage kit if you will… possibly market it as a “refill” kit for shipped implant vials if you need to distance from the concept of individuals reusing or re “cleaning” implants

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Hmm… food for thought


I for one would definitely love this… with buying implants from friends / Australian heat / shipping to Australia / general time between purchase and implantation, I would definitely want access to some. And since my installer isn’t a body mod artist, just a standard piercer, they’re used to autoclaving which obviously has it’s issues for our precious implants.