Which courier service you use to deliver to pakistan

1 ) i want to know which courier service you use to deliver to Pakistan,

i want to order

  1. xNT NFC Tag [NTAG216] | 2x
    PN532 [RFID & NFC Reader/Writer] | 2x
    and the subtotal is 273.95$ including shipping ,
    is this all what i have to pay to get package at my address ? or i have to pay some custom fee except this ?

  2. will the order be sent to my address which i will give i.e your courier service will take care of it ? or to the custom officers and then they will send to me …

  3. Do you accept bank transfers?

[Note : in nutshell i dont know how the international shipping work i just want to pay you guys and get my package at home , so i want to make sure your courier service will take care of every thing and i will get my package at my home ]
btw these things are awesome af… :slight_smile:

Hi there,

We ship using US Postal Service, which hands off to your country’s domestic postal/mail delivery service at customs. Once the package clears customs, tracking from the USPS website can be spotty, so it would be better to track it via the Pakistani postal service website once the package enters the country.

As for payment, bank transfers can be a pain for US banks. If this is the only method you can use for payment, then we can work something out, but credit card, paypal, or even bitcoin are better options for us currently.