Which Door Locks?

I’ve been looking through the Show off USING your implant! thread and I’m looking for recommendations for door locks. I’m in the US and the part of my door where the lock would be installed in rather thin. You can see it in this picture of my dog totally betraying me when I locked myself out.

I’ve had a look at the Chip Compatibility Matrix and didn’t see anything that was compatible with the NExT and looked like it would fit in that spot so I thought I would appeal to the hive brain.

Do you have a measurement of how thick your door is?

Looking at it I think you could add a TownSteel e-genius 5000 deadbolt in that gap. I am assuming that you wouldn’t be replacing the current lock.

If you want to replace the current lock we would need more information about it.

I would like to replace the one that’s there. Just so there’s not too much going on on the door.

I found this while doing a image search and this seems to be the exact thing we have. EMPowered™ Motorized SMART Lock Upgrade for Modern Brass Entry Sets - Works with Yale Access App | Emtek Products, Inc. If you click on the third thumbnail it’s an exact match except for the electronic bit. It says it has WiFi and Bluetooth but doesn’t mention NFC / RFID.

I don’t care so much about the handles, can you take a photo, and measurements of the edge of the door where the lock protrudes.

Measurements to centre of keyhole from edge and distance between keyhole and handle would also be handy.

It is probably standard dimensions, but having the details will help find you a good answer.


Ok, I took some photos with a tape measure:

From the edge of the door to the center of the lock is 2 1/2", from the lock to the handle is 4"




hotel door locks have mortise latches like that… you might need to consider one of those? i seem to recall ulock or uloq or something like that?


Looks like U-Tec Ultraloq.

lgnore this the lock you linked previously doesn’t match this mortise lock set.

If the one you linked to is correct then a TownSteel e-genius 5000 5.5" should act as a drop in replacement. The thumb latch would be replaced with a lever, but it should work.

The e-(smart/genius/…) 5000 have a Schlage style key way (SC1 (5 pin) or SC4 (6 pin)) have a key pad for a key code, bluetooth or wifi depending on model and NFC tags. They just read the UID, so I’m using a dual frequency ring.

The Bluetooth app isn’t great, so I don’t bother with it.

You will get 2 keys, 2 NFC Stickers and 2 NFC cards with the lock.

The e-genius 5000 is $315 from CLK Supplies.

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Sorry, I don’t know anything about locks and that one “looks” like mine from a totally uninformed perspective.

No problem, the handles look very similar, but the bit inside the door is the actual functional part.

I think your best bet might be to contact a local locksmith as they will have specific stock that they are used to, and can hopefully suggest something. A lot of the mortise solutions I am seeing are intended for commercial access control systems (hotels, schools, offices) but you probably want a standalone, maybe even residential, system.

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I reached out to a few local locksmiths. We’ll see if any of them have suggestions. Thanks for the help!


Con mi implante NeXt
Pude abrir la chapa Samsung SHS-1321 que compre hace un par de semanas



He querido comprar una de esas… Espero que funcione con el xDF2. Y si no es el caso, puedo comprar un NExT.

I was looking for a manual for a different lock and noticed Schlage has a new offering advertised to work with smartphones.

Has this been looked at yet?


Not as far as I am aware, but this looks promising