Which HF implants are UID writable?


I got my proxmark3 rdv40 this week. I was able to make a generic Mifare 1k Chinese Magic Card work for all my use cases: home safe, gym and local public transport.

Now, I would like to implant a HF chip and get it working for my use cases mentioned above.

  • Which of the HF implants sold on dangrousthings.com are UID changeable (same as Chinese Magic Card)? Is it just xM1?
  • Ideally, I’d like to go with better range implants like flexNT or flexDF or flexDF2. The spec on the site for flexDF2 mentions “7 byte UID and 8K bytes of user read/write memory” - does that mean UID is also changeable?

Thanks a lot!

The more I’m re-reading product descriptions, the more I think xM1 is the only HF UID changeable implant option… I would still appreciate the confirmation of this assumption, tho.

Given that dangerousthings.com store has “Custom services” section, would it be possible to order a custom product like this: a chip from xM1 (so it’s UID writable) + coil used with flexNT (for better range).
No need for this to be factory assembled. If this can be done by hand and then wrapped in “biopolymer package” - I’d be ok with it if it works and is slightly ticker.

Or maybe I’m better off just waiting for high-range HF UID writable product by dangerousthings?



You are correct that the M1 series are the only HF implants that have the Chinese magic backdoor tweak that allows users to write to the UID sector. It acts as a MIFARE Classic.

There have been rumblings recently that DT has been working on a flexM1, or at least a relaunch of the xM1

@Satur9 there’s a xM1 pre-sale running in the store https://dangerousthings.com/product/xm1/

Thanks for the info about flexM1 :pray: That one is worth waiting for.

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