Which implant do I need for HID1386?

Hi, I’m trying to find an implant that will emulate a HID Prox card (Specifically HID0009P/1386LGGMN) It uses the H10301 Format. which implant can emulate that format? I know the xEM can do 1346, but can it do 1386? I am struggling to find a full compatibility list for any of the implants. Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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I believe any LF card with a T5577 can emulate an HID1386.

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Same exact card as my work card. My NExT Implant works great.


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Hey what did you use to copy Your hid tag to the implant. The read/writer (photo below) can read my card from work but will not write the information to my next implant. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance

Proxmark3 Easy

Thank you. I just put a order in for one

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so i got a proxmark 3 and i cant figure out how to clone the hid card to the implant.

Place your HID ID Card on the lf antenna and try a “lf search” command.

Do you get a message saying Valid HID Prox ID found?

I am able to search for the card and find it then I did the lf hid clone (followed by the data) command. Once it finishes cloning I try to read my implant and it doesn’t read as the hid card

Make sure your NExT Implant is perpendicular to the reader, could be why is not writing properly.

Maybe also try writing by using the card number and facility code, rather than the raw data, and see if that changes anything.

I tried that too. And I know the reader is in the right position because I taped to to my hand in the right spot where it read my implant every time

Hmm. Off top of my head, I’m not thinking of any good solutions sorry.

Can you confirm what type of HID card you have? Might have to share some screenshots.

Maybe one of the other members have a suggestion.

@Zwack and @Equipter usually chime in with some good suggestions lol. Sorry, I’m still new myself to this and only know the very basics.

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I have a hid 0009p card 1000 class 35 bit.
The pms3 knows detects it as a hid prox card and it is compatible.

I can post screenshots when i get home to my computer.

I am very appreciative of all the help you have giving me. Just knowing someone takes time out of there day to answer my questions brings me great joy

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From HID:
Corporate 1000 Format (see the Corporate 1000 page for more details)
General: The Corporate 1000 format is a 35-bit format designed to provide large
end-users with their own proprietary format. This assures them that their credentials
will not be duplicated because HID reserves an exclusive Corporate 1000 format
for each end user. This format also provides the end-user the freedom to work with
any system and with any dealer of their choice. Some access systems are not capable
of handling a 35-bit format, but as a service to the customer, many OEM’s will make
enhancements to their control systems to allow the use of an HID Corporate 1000
format. The end-user is offered the security and flexibility of selecting and authorizing
the security dealer of his/her choice and controlling the issuance of credentials for
the organization.

Did you try an hf search?

Cloning my work ID

Looking at this thread, you may have a iclass badge…

I tried the hf search and it didn’t work

can you DM me the output of LF search on your proxmark when reading the chip

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@Equipter Can you help him remove UIDs and post redacted version of output? It would be interesting to see what chipset is detected.

UIDs/card numbers and facility codes are not really something that need covering up unless you know who the OP is, their location and how its used but yes, if/when i continue this on in private i can (with permission of the OP) show screenshots and the method used to create a clone.

im positive it can be cloned

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