Which Implant to get next

Hi Sorry Im still A NOOB despite having my first implant self install since 2018.

I want to get another one now and clone my work Access card to it, Ive used Proxmark ( amazing install and setup guide @amal btw) And its showing as a Valid PAC/Stanley ID Ive looked at the Forum 101 etc, But cant seem to find the answer soz.

Which if any of your products would be suitable for this type of clone.

Many thanks


It might not be possible…

If you check the compatibility matrix some of them use 125KHz and others use 153KHz.


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Ill have a read now, Wasnt sure, It detects on LF search, but as a Noob Im just learning, Many thanks

If you can read it with a Proxmark then it is probably OK. Do you have a T5577 based tag you can try cloning to? I think that would be your best bet.

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I just checked Proxmark3 and if it is a 125KHz tag you can use lf pac clone to clone it to a t5577.

Any of the implants with a T5577 can be used. So what you get depends on how much else you might want to add functionality wise.

Ill get one and try that first, Then, Awesome thank you

You are welcome. You can purchase a non implantable t5577 very cheaply which will allow you to test cloning. Then you can plan for the specific implant you would want.


I just found a stack of blank T55xx cards and it appears to have cloned Ill test it and if all good, best get ordering :slight_smile: Really wanted the FlexNExt but not available atm. Thanks again @Zwack


You done it again @amal I was following the very same video. So just going to test it now. Thanks again for the great work you do