Which microchp implant?

Hello everyone! I see a lot of microchips but I’m not able to understand what they really can do and their differences. I need an NFC implant able to do the following things through my smarphone:

  1. OTP authenticator function like “Google Authenticator”
  2. Storing .txt files

Thank You

The imminent to be released Apex line SHOULD be available upon launch

This one is pretty easy

The APEX will be able to do this also in the form of an NDEF message, and also any of the other High Frequency implants. NExT, xNT , xSIID, xDF2, FlexDF etc.

What size .txt file would you want to store?

You would use something like TagWriter or NFC Tools to do this

translated it for DT users.


When do you think the Apex will be avaible? Otherwise thw spark 2 could be suitable for me? And for example would be possible with another implant create an access control to loggin in some otp authenticator app?

I see flexDF2 is interesting can you link me a smart guide to use/code it?

Amal shared some more info in the DT Club

Yeah but quite useless once the Apex drops so noone does the work.

Just look for DESFire EV 2 stuff online and the linked datasheet.

Just wait for the apex and see isitsoontmyet.com to find out when it drops.
E.g. the Amal-SOON™-Meter is at 4/5 for the Apex Mega.

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Thank You! You are the best!

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Yeah he is…