Which one to choose?

Hi! I want to store ~20 symbol text information under the password and i need the possibility of rewriting this information at any moment. So, what kind of device or mobile app i can use for rewriting and which implant will be the best choice for me?

Definitely get the xNT and you can use NFC Tools or TagWriter to update the tag contents.

So, if i set the read/write password using NFC Tools, is this password will work only inside the NFC Tools app or is it programmatically setting and works even if anyone try to scan it via other apps or devices?

It is set on the chip, but and NFC reader with the password will be able to read and write it. Also the password feature can be set to only protect writes, allowing any NFC reader to read the contents… do your protection with NFC tools and then check it with taginfo.

i got it, thanks!