Which ProxMark3 should I get?

So I will be getting the Ultron Implant Bundle once it goes back on sale but one of the things I was also gonna get was a ProxMark3 Easy V3.0 due to the RDV 4 being 4 times as much.

I do not wanna cause myself any issues or to the implants but at the same time I am not made out of money. Also would using an NFC enabled phone to write to the implants also be a bad idea?

Proxmark3 Easy goes around 70
Proxmark3 RDV 2/4 go around 200-300

Proxmark3 is like buying a nice Ford when you really want that BMW M3.
You can and should learn with the pm3 easy and if later you feel you outgrow it… RDV4 it. :slight_smile: :grin:


I dont necessarily disagree with that statement but keep in mind that it may be harder to get consistent read and write with the easy since you wont have the antenna

Very true about the antenna. But for learning and testing on the cards that come with it I’d say it’s worth the time :slight_smile: … once you know the sweet spot you can get good read/writes with PM3 easy… (but not easy lol)


I splurged on the PM3 RDV4 for one reason and one reason only: if stick something under my skin, I sure as hell don’t want to find out I can’t read it, write to it, or worse, I bricked it because I was tight-fisted on the reader. If that happens, at best I’ll have to buy the RDV4 afterward anyway, and at worst I’ll have to get the chip out.