Which system is in use?

I’m considering getting the NExT implant but first I’d like to understand compatibility. I’ve only dabbled in this area and am not very knowledgeable yet. Both my office and apartment building use cards/fobs for access control. I have an HID Proximity card for the office and the fob for home says “HID Prox”. Either device will make the readers at either location beep, but obviously only allow access when the appropriate one is scanned. I backed the Keysey fob duplicator via Kickstarter, and was able to use this to copy my office card and use it for access. When I try to copy my home fob, the Keysey indicates it was successful but does not work when I try to use it to gain access to my building. I think what this evidence points to is that they are both 125KHz, but possibly the apartment has greater security?

The NExT would be more useful for apartment access, but how can I determine if it will work or not? I assume that if the NExT would support both home and office, that I could only program it for one anyone, correct? I may consider getting two NExTs if I could get one to work at either location.

Any advice as to how I can sort this out would be appreciated.


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You are copying it to their active FOB with the 4 buttons?
I have no idea how that works so I cant comment on it, but …

You have two issues that you need to figure out:
1: can the cards be cloned.
2: will the readers you want to use be able to read an implant.

I’d buy some T5577 cards or FOBs off amazon and get yourself a proxmark to do some cloning to those. You’ll know if it’s clonable I’ll admit a proxmark is a but pricey.

The blue cloner is a cheaper alternative, but has it’s own set of issues. There is a “3 beep” version on amazon right now that says does HID (you have to be careful, most identical units do not do HID)

Buy at your own risk. It comes with clonable fobs. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CLONE AN XEM WITH THE BLUE CLONER WITHOUT FULLY UNDERSTANDING THE RISKS OF BRICKING YOUR IMPLANT. But cloning cards or FOBS with it would be not an issue.

As for question 2, that’s a tough one to figure out before you get the implant. There are a lot of factors. If you confirm question 1 is a go, the implants come with an xLED field tester you can use on the reader to figure out the best orientation and location. On most readers it will be critical to present your implant to the reader in the proper location and orientation to get a good enough couple to read.

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So follow up on the above.

You need to identify exactly what tag is inside that card. Industry standard for LF tags is the proxmark. You can get away with using a phone for a common range of any NFC compatible HF tags to try identify then. Also worth mentioning the DT diagnostics card was built to identify what frequency it uses.

The outdated proxmark is cheaper but the new one is about £300. There’s also a proxmark easy knock off going about but they’re not always reliable.

Using the t5577 tags as mentioned above is a good way to see if you’re home one can be cloned as well. If it can be to the it should work with the NExT. If it’s a different tag or system then we can see what other implants might be useful.

Yeah we’ve got our tag knowledge base which might be of interest to check out. The mobile version is still in development I may add.


I dug out my Keysy after it has been sitting in a drawer for over a year, determined the antenna had broken free from the solder pads, and resoldered it. I have since successfully cloned both my office and apartment access cards. Looking at some of the Kickstarter updates around the Keysy, they refer to T5577 fobs here. I’m quite certain I can now use the NeXT for accessing either site, plus whatever use I find for the HF portion. I’ve also ordered the 3-beep, blue cloner recommended by user @turbo2ltr but won’t have it until next week. I’m pretty sure I’m going to proceed with one NeXT to start, but I’m not sure I want to shell out the dough for a Proxmark III. Surely there has to be people in this community who own them and are willing to do some reading/writing for the price of a bottle of wine?

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When you said you cloned them, it was to your implant correct? If so, what Orientation did you do it at?

No, that’s not the case, I have not ordered an implant yet. I cloned them to some Keysy-branded stickers and fobs. I have some T5577’s on the way which I intend to test compatibility with as well. I was trying to figure out if my office and apartment systems would be compatible. I cloned them using my Keysy. The reason that is relevant is that previously I was not successful, but I found that the antenna had come free from the PCB, now fixed.