Why are there so many crazy people?

Something I didn’t realize before doing research and ordering my implant, was that there is a vibrant and lively community of crazy people who think that they are targeted or like that all of us implantees are becoming one with the devil and we’re all going to hell. I’m genuinely curious if anyone has crossed paths with these people in real life and if so the discussions you’ve had with them, or what they said to you. Not sure if this post breaks the fourm rules but if it does feel free to remove it


Also why are there so many of them? Where are these people coming from?

They reached a critical mass and started throwing ladders off the edge of the earth. This allowed their minions to start climbing up out of the void.

I know some of them in real life. We were also friends on FB - we meet only one time, after posting t he first time a newspaper article about Three Square Market - many of my friends freaked out, that I write “COOL”
I got my first implant in August 2017 - so decieded the first time, I wouldn’t wrote about it on facebook. 2 month later I write it on Facebook - some friends couldn’t believe it. The person I know in RL deleted me directly, she write this als under my post. This person refuses also to use a bankcard with NFC and she takes her passport only if she need it.

One other person asked me several times: “you did it,…” When I meet with him at this birthday party, he asked me not to use the chip or talk about. I could understand him, because there was also a priest ( a friend from him) at his party. It was a bit ynnoying to use a password to unlock the phone. It tooks some month that he accpeted it - but the intersting thing is, a magnet is ok :slight_smile:


In short, the human brain searches for pattern and meaning, and makes connections where none exist. That is the most powerful aspect driving this constant churn of seemingly “crazy” people. Throw into that mix the following, and you have yourself a veritable limitless geyser of people who all think in some way they “have a chip”;

  • mental illness (voices, hallucinations, paranoia, etc.)
  • anxiety (hyperfocus on small abnormalities, bordering on paranoia, etc.)
  • lack of access to proper medical treatment
  • lack of empathy from medical establishment
  • hollywood movies and media where chip implant = mind control, location tracking, etc.
  • sub-human scum selling “chip detection and removal” services to these vulnerable people
  • real tech used by stalkers (spy apps, phone hacks, gps trackers on cars, account compromises, etc.)
  • real use of chip implants against people (even though it’s relying on the technical ignorance of the victim)
  • real high tech used in high profile attacks (sonic weapons used against US ambassadors, etc.)

Probably the most damaging of all, to be honest, is the resonant feedback loop created by these people connecting with each other, sharing stories, and developing their theories. Nowhere in these vast and growing groups of people are there any scientists… seemingly nobody with any sense of an objective, logical approach to sorting through the murky waters of what’s really going on or who might be having a mental issue vs who might be dealing with a tech-capable stalker… it all just turns into a fucking clusterfuck and out come the “chip implants” theories, created in a cauldron of crazy, which reverberates throughout the group like a resonant frequency in an echo chamber… and it’s all online for anyone starting to experience the first signs of mental illness to latch on to and run with.

It’s such a big problem I get emails constantly. I simply refer them to this post;


Hello all, I’ve showed a few people that FAQ, but it seems the religious argument is not easily swayed.

I was in a chatroom discussing my plans for getting an implant, and quite a few people were worried that they had one. After showing them your article, they all conceded that they likely didn’t, and were glad that their fears were somewhat assuaged.

However, a few people immediately started spouting nonsense about the mark of the beast and such, and no amount of argument or logic was sufficient to convince them. Rather, I was forced to block them from messaging me at all due to the sheer volume of spam.

Basically, I think that it’s a good idea to try and convince people that they do not have an implant, but trying to argue with someone claiming religious issues with the implant is likely to go nowhere and is probably going to be a waste of time.

I’m pretty sure it’s just trolling.

I have sometimes some of this religious fanatics on my instagram account. That gets really annoying, they repeat always the same stuff. They must have a very boring life.
one of the worst comments from a religious fanatic was to my questions, because she write - that she will refuse all implants. I asked her: "Also medical implants for you or your children (she has 2 - I saw it on her page) She answer: Yes, no medical implants - she woudl rather die to get this,…
I was shocked - poor children :frowning:
I undersand, if they didn’t like the RFID Chips, Magnets and other Biohacking stuff - but medical implants …

When I got my first implant, being excited, I posted it on my Facebook page. Most of my friends thought it was strange but they were supportive of it. Most just asked questions about what I planned on using it for. I did get a strange response from my aunt. She’s very religious and basically freaked out. She went on saying the typical thing of it being the mark of the beast etc. Also she was saying stuff about the CIA. She told me to remove it right away. I’m kind of surprised she wasn’t on my doorstep with a knife to remove it. I have a family reunion coming up in a couple of weeks that should be very interesting.

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@Radiofreq My advice is to just keep it as low drama/effort as possible. If she doesn’t want to know or hear about it don’t bring it up. If she gives you lip/stick then just explain it’s what you wanted. I always explain to people it’s the same sort of tech as a pet mirochip.

When you dog goes missing it’s not like they can GPS locate it using the chip as it’s powered by the thing reading it.

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For sure. I’m really not that worried about it. I find it kind of comical. I really don’t think she understands how it works or what it’s for. I definitely won’t be bringing it up but I have a feeling that she will. That’s fine if she does, it’ll give me a chance to explain everything. If she gets to out of hand I’ll just tell her the chip is taking over and act like I’m possessed. :wink:


I was invited to a party, and I was told, please don’t talk about the chipimplant. It was for me a bit strange to unlock my phone with a passowrd instead of my implant (I had 2017 only one)

My suggestion is, don’t talk about it, only someone ask.

Do you have the implant in your left hand? If yes, you can say to your aunt, that it is in the left hand, so no problems.

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Right. Well I have one in both hands. And I’m planning on getting a 3rd before the party. Since I’ve had them (6 months) I’ve learned to not really talk about them to certain people.

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I have several implants.

The most time I couldn’T resist to post some comments on FB, when some conspiracy people write stupid stuff.

I was a bit surprised - friends from my parents are very religious, I was a bit nervous, when my parents told them what I have - I was surprised. the ask my some questions, what is possible… Important is, they understand the tehcnology, they use RFID Cards at work.

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I think that’s a lot of it, people just don’t understand the technology. I’ve seen a few articles on fb about the implants and I was so tempted to comment and try to explain the technology behind it but I usually start writing a bunch of stuff then end up just deleting it.


sometimes I try to explain it - but under the comments from the fanatics I write only: “left hand - problem solved”
What I didn’T udnerstand, why came this freaks to the accounts, in groups and annoy people. no one of us go to their accounts and write stuff.

One time I write something to an account, because the stole pictures from Amal.
and otehr time - it was a bit difficult, but I got help, someone from FB stole a picture from me and posted it on her FB account - they rant about me. it was a bit difficult to get this picture removed, but it worked.

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