Why xBT was discontinued?

I’m curious why xBT was discontinued? could be a really helpful implant especially back then during covid-19 where they scan your temperatures 24/7. Also could have been helpful too when you live in a hot weather like in middle east sometimes you don’t know if you’ve been staying in the sun for too long, the FIFA 2023 construction a lot of people died due to overheating/dehydration etc.

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I think it was more of a situation of being out of stock, also not particularly usable without carrying a cumbersome reader of some sort.

Now with the Flipper Zero, and being popular and compatible with xBT, it was popular enough for Amal to get more stock,
however, it was so popular, its now out of stock again.

I can only presume Amal will be getting some more to meet the demand…

I believe this was the latest update,

He may have sold them out, or yet to put them on the store

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Yep sold out again but have more stuff on the way…

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Didnt realized you coukd read them with the flipper … what frequency do they run on?

Do they need to be put at a specific location?

134.2kHz I believe

But that is close enough to 125kHz to be easily read by the Flipper ( and PM3 )

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They’re fdxb animal chips, 134khz. Generally on the inside of the upper arm/armpit


My air conditioner is out. I’m using mine to make sure I stay well clear of heat stroke territory.

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