Wiegand reader recommendations for implants - LF preferred

Hi all,

I’m trying to find a Wiegand LF reader for my front door - does anyone have experience with cheap (eBay, aliexpress preferred!) ones that read implants reliably? I ordered a nice looking one, but they sent me the HF version instead and the field power is so low I can’t get a read on any of my HF tags (including a not implanted Spark 2 directly on the plastic shell).

My next option is to just go for an xAC instead, but I’d rather have it on a micro controller so I can integrate door open actions to home automation and change relay held times without swapping capacitors out.

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I don’t have experience with a specific reader, but I’ve scanned my 2 LF implants on many readers installed on many buildings and they all worked fine at a very respectable range.

I think performances in LF are a lot less critical than in HF. My guess is that you can order pretty much anything and it’ll work - provided you order something that’s compatible with your chip that is.


That’s kind of what I suspected, but hadn’t played with LF on many building readers - definitely good to know!


Incidentally, I have two affordable long-range Wiegand LF readers on order, that read EM chips. When I get them and test them, I’ll report on their performances.