WIKI - NFC phone performance

Could be wrong but I tried to share my contact details with someone with a SE recently and it wouldn’t work, I’m guessing the SE doesn’t support background NFC scan

Likely still has a nfc module, but will only activate if you are running a nfc scan using a downloaded app

Thanks! I think some previous posts mentioned background scan not really providing enough power anyway, so hopefully it’ll work with an app

Background can provide enough power, it’s just infrequent

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I can confirm the Pixel 4XL works. The NFC antenna is number 9. I have found that it works best on the right side, while looking at the back of the phone.


Great stuff thanks, I’ll update the list soon and link to your post

I can confirm my 2nd Gen iPhone SE is able to read/write with NFC Tools and can also do background tag reading. No issues with my NeXT (with some swelling and with a case! Was a little surprised when I got a good read with those two factors)


Updated and added thank you :+1:

Contact details and locations have issues on my SE gen2. However, links, email, text-to-phone numbers, social network info, and shortcuts all work well when written from the NFC Tools App. I can do some more thorough testing later this week.

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Contact details are vcard, which Apple has turned off native reading

The question is will your SE scan something without using an app?

It sounds like from what I’m reading, the SE requires an app to read or write tags, no background scan

I’m pretty sure anything pre iPhone Xr doesn’t support background scan

Never heard of that brand before, I’ve been looking at their site and I’m liking their phones. What made you go with that one over any of their others?

Unfortunately Rosco declared he was leaving recently so he may not respond.

I do remember him talking about the battery life as being a big feature of that phone.


It sounds like from what I’m reading, the SE requires an app to read or write tags, no background scan

No, the SE2 can background scan just fine.

This is it reading my NeXT

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Samsung S20+ works well without a case with my XSIID just above the Samsung logo on the back. No luck through an otterbox yet though

Hmmm, you might want to chat with @NMCCW

It’s entirely possible it’s the XSIID’s lower range, but that’s the only chip I have to test with right now. Good to know people are having success with it though

Edit: It also seems they have the 21+ as well, not the 20+ :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m sure YOU have already tried, but for others that may be reading this at a later date, just to make sure to try these orientations


Sorry about the vertical video and the lack of shirt.

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Great video :+1:

I guess New Mexico is quite warm… But my question is… How where do you conceal carry in that outfit??? :gun:

You had to ask. :unicorn_shock_surprise: