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I got a OnePlus 9 Pro and the NFC performance has been pretty darn good. Better than the Note 20 Ultra. I can get my xSIID to even light (but not read) with a case on it! The blue mark is the best orientation and position I have found to scan my xSIID and NExT. The red mark is the second best location. With the blue mark, the LED isn’t sitting under the phone, so it’s easy to show people the blinky now compared to the Note 20 Ultra where I had to try and tilt the phone up a little to show the blinkie.

Edit: You can also scan the implant with the top edge of the phone as well like the iPhone. Seems to work best in the middle of the top edge if not slightly to the left (away from cameras).


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On my Iphone 8 I have to take off the case for a good read.
And on my Fairphone 3 reading the implants works perfect.

My Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra gets a good read when I place my implants right above the Samsung Logo.

Also, not sure if y’all know this, Samsung has a page to view all the different NFC Detection Areas


That’s an awesome link, I’ll drop that in the 1st wiki post


Got the new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Noticed my NExT scans right in the middle of the back of the phone.

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Make sure you add the old phone too…

Thanks for the post, I have the Pixel 5 also, and I was wondering where the sweet spot was for NFC.

Super quick google would suggest here-ish

The the post you referred to shows it here

So if you have a xFD keyring, you should be able to find it easily

Does anybody own a Fairphone 4 who could comment on the thing’s performances with small difficult glassies? This thing is right up my alley, especially with /e/ OS installed, and I would buy one sight unseen and take a chance on NFC performances, were it not for those worrying reports.

I tried sharing my contact information with someone who had a Galaxy Note 20 today: with a thick case, the damn thing wouldn’t read my flexNT nor my Apex Mega. Without the case, it could only read the Mega - and not very easily at that.

Because I knew the guy well, I asked him if I could try to find the sweet spot with his phone myself. It took me a while to find the mega, and there was no way I could get it to read the flexNT in any position or angle; That’s kind of a first: I hadn’t found a celllphone or reader that failed to read that implant before.

I don’t know if the guy’s phone was faulty or something. But if it wasn’t, I’d say the Galaxy Notes 20 hits new lows in NFC performances.

That’s strange. I don’t have the phone anymore, but even with a thick case I was getting easy reads from my glassies. It was even to the point where I kept accidentally scanning them by holding my phone the wrong way.

Did he maybe have the Note 20 ultra? I was using the standard Note 20. Maybe different regions have different antennas? I really don’t know what the issue would have been.

Got a Pixel 6 a few months back and it seems to have the same antenna orientations darthdomo pictured in Oct '21 for the Pixel 6 Pro

I had the Note 20 Ultra and couldn’t read my glassies with the case, without though, I was able to pick them up pretty quick.

My company gave me an iPhone SE and it works well with my xSIID and NExT without the OtterBox. With the OtterBox, it would light up the xSIID but not get a read. I also had to install NFCTools for it to start scanning for tags, there’s no NFC settings, and it doesn’t auto scan without an app. That sucks, because once you scan the xSIID, it stops scanning and the LED doesn’t light up again. I like my android that scans constantly so I can show off the LED better :joy:

I have a Google Pixel 5 and an LG V30, while both work great reading my chip without cases (Spigen Tough and Rugged Armor). Once the cases are on, it’ll light up the LED, but I can’t get them to actually read the implant and perform the function assigned, ie. open a web page. When I take them off, they immediately read the implant.

a couple of options for you to consider

All of this is true for the Fold 4 as well. From what I can tell it has the exact same positioning/range as on the Fold 3

iPhone 14 Pro can scan chips in roughly the same position as other devices. Because the camera on the back is a lot bigger than a lot of other iPhones, the NFC is better suited to the top edge on the right hand side, when the phone is on its back (so left hand side when in use)

There’s also an antenna cutout on the top. I can’t tell if it’s 5G/other Cell antenna, NFC, or Satellite (because iPhones can do that now :roll_eyes:), or something else, but I sometimes get good reads lining it up with my NeXT implant.

iPhone 14 Pro name in lights

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Which is more of an update than the iPhone got