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When are the xEyes getting released? Probably Soon™, I guess…


Hi everyone
if it is of interest:

I have installed NExT system and xSIID NFC + LED Implant
both work with:

Sansun Z Flip 4
Samsung A40
Samsung A52


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Xiaomi Redmi Note 9
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 pro

You can add the Razer Phone 1. The sweet spot for x-series is right on the logo, horizontal or vertical.


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My z fold 3 and 4 both worked with my ntag but it wasn’t great. It even had a hard time with my apex from time to time. My pixel fold is awesome at reading all tag types really well, on the pixel fold the best area is about 1cm below the camera bump, between the pump and the logo.

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Got the Nothing Phone 2.
NFC performance/range is not phenomenal but it works.

For my xSeries, the sweet spot is on the right side of the back, near the button “Volume -”

Google Pixel 7 (non pro)
Read and Write to 13.56MHz works great without a case.
Normal cases read okay
The Peak Design case with Magsafe magnets cause interference, reads and writes are impacted.

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Added both, Thanks guys

The youtube video under the xled explanation is private btw

iPhone 14 Pro works great with my xSIID without a case but it seems to need to be way closer to it than anyone else’s phone.

Are you using the vertical orientation?

Yes. I think they nerfed the NFC in the 14 Pro. My XS scans it much easier. It still will scan if I hold it perfect.

13 Pro here, I find that I can’t get the phone to scan my XSIID by itself, but if I use the Simply NFC app it picks it up right away and lights the LED.

Just a data point…

I’ve been suspect of this for some time, but I believe I just confirmed it. My Pixel 5 phone has some strange behavior with NFC when the battery is below 50%. Basically I think they are implementing some sort of reduced power or reduced functionality version of NFC when the battery is getting low, possibly if the phone itself or the phone battery rather is quite old. It might be part of some sort of battery management mechanism for older phones?

All I know is, if my battery is under 50% I start noticing it becomes very hard to read some of my implants. The lower the battery, the harder it seems to be. However… I just plugged my phone in to USB power and tried again with a battery of 36% and it immediately read the implant no problem whatsoever. I deployed applications to an Apex and used it without issue.

I find this to be really annoying, but my suggestion for people who are having a problem getting good reads with their Android phone is to do so with a fully charged battery or plug it in and see how performance might change.


This is absolutely a thing on the world of IT. In our school district, we use Chromebooks for students. When their battery gets low, they start having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi. I’ve seen it many times. Plug it in or charge the battery up and it connects perfectly. I would have no trouble believing that the same is applied to NFC.


Have you disabled WiFi scan throttling in developer options?

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There are a bunch of battery saver settings on Android and also this

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