WIKI - NFC phone performance

I wonder if someone at my college will have one i could borrow/ use…? RIT is the kind of place that would have one somewhere. (If we start on campus :mask:)


The LG G8x ThinQ was great performance without the dual-screen case on both my next and spark 2. With the case it has to be pushed right against my next and for the spark 2 it only works from one direction. This may be due to its placement between my 3rd and 4th metacarpal. In summary it can read my tags fine, and as you would probably expect the dual screen case does effect read performance.


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WIKI - NFC phone performance

I should be able to on a computer. Mine decided to lose the ability to connect to WiFi. I won’t risk it on mobile.

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Samsung note 9 seems to work well. X FD light’s the brightest right next to / over the S of the Samsung logo at a 45° angle but seems to have a decent range in a fair number of locations.

OnePlus 8 Pro (in the gel case that it came with)
Antenna Location: Between volume up/down buttons and the 1+ Logo on the back.
Best orientation (xFD): Parallel or Perpendicular to the side

NeXT in L0: NFC Tools Pro - Read [OK]; Write Record 0 [OK]
xSLX in R0: NFC Tools Pro - Read [OK]
Spark 2 (wrist area): NFC Tools Pro - Read [OK] ; Vivokey App - Read [OK]

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Samsung Galaxy A20e
Under the fingerprint scanner
Reads xNT well after activating NFC
Doesn’t read well when NFC has been on for some time

I just got a Samsung Z Flip and it has WAY better range than my S9 had.

Tested with the flexNeXT:
Motorola g pro/stylus (between fingerprint and camera)
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (bottom half, centered)


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Wouldn’t essentially any phone work with the flexNExT? I mean it’s a full-size tag.

Also, implanted yet?

Not implanted but with such a range I don’t think it matters. I also tried with a field detector and a spark 2 so the x-series should work fine.

Just tested my little brothers ulephone 6E and performance was alright, appears best read location is at the bottom of the phone with the xNT positioned lengthwise, will test with the 7E soon once I set it up for my mother or upgrade to it myself.

Edit: Ulefone 7E tested and can confirm it works, hard to scan but works best right below fingerprint scanner or on bottom left corner with implant rotated 45 degrees. Theoretically the ulefone 9 would also work in an identical fashion considering it is mostly recycled parts just with a beefed up chipset and fancy cameras.

Now implanted and tested

Which chip have you tested?
My xNT also seems to have only one sweet spot, but I can’t read my Spark 1 at all, which is weird as I could read it normally with a Mi 8

Keep trying, but with the same sweet spot as the xNT. There’s an issue with a few Android phones where they have trouble reading ISO 15693 tags like the Spark 1. On some phones it’s intermittent, others it doesn’t work at all. Restart the device and see if you can get it to read after a few tries. Use the TagInfo app by NXP if you’re encountering issues. Let us know how it goes.

Not even an error message, even after restarting

Didn’t notice this thread til now!
Can confirm the Samsung Galaxy A50 also works, top third of the phone in the center. Tested with a NeXT and Spark 2.