WIKI: xEM Access Controller v2 3D Printed Cases

The snap-together case is now uploaded on Thingiverse :grinning:. This one seems to be a bit more finicky than the other design so I will be updating it regularly based on community feedback.

Also, a few changes have been made to the original through panel design:

  • Some edges have been filleted to improve aesthetics
  • Modified the support under the main connector to improve the way the PCB sits
  • Made the box slightly larger to improve the fit of the PCB

Hi Guys,
I’m just getting to look into this, and am looking for two cases for my new xEM V2’s.
I don’t have access to a 3d printer, and don’t even know what exactly is needed (not sure what a coil cover plate is, or if I need that with the case? dd Wait, is the coil the antenna? Can it be mounted remotely and not with the Board?

I’m in Tucson, AZ, and would like to get a couple! I’m going to use the xEM in a car for a door opener. And would like it covered.

Thanks for any help.
Dan L

The coil is the antenna

I soldered about a 12” extension into mine to have more run for my safe door, but no it has to plug into the board

Also you probably shouldn’t extended it like I did, maybe you could use shielded cable, but it’s probably going to mess with the antenna tuning

I remember and understand enough to realize, that I avoid it at all cost and try to not make it worse if I can help it

My printer is currently down for some stupid reasons, but give me a couple days and I’ll see what it would look like to print a few

It’s worth noting, you don’t “need” one strictly speaking, both of the ones I use inside my safe are just stuck to the interior of the doors,
(One may or may not be held in place with hammered in push pins)

the smaller one I was far less of a savage about, I 3D printed some little standoffs with holes sized for the screws, then I attached the stand offs to the board, then I put glue on the standoffs and stuck it where I wanted it

… I should maybe 3D print a bed plate or 2 of those and send them to @Amal to add into the kits


Much appreciated @Eriequiet .

By remotely I just meant not directly attached to the board. The diagram I saw showed the part with the antenna being directly bolted to the case for the board it looked like.
I don’t think I’d need to extend it, I can mount it all close to where I want it.

I think I need one, because I’ll be mounting it in a vehicle, to a steel panel, and wouldn’t want it to come loose and short or anything. So I think for safety it’d be a good idea.

I’ll stand by and see if your printer comes up. I appreciate that!

I searched and found some 3D printers on craigslist, but would rather support this community if possible. You guys are all awesome.


That’s Pandora’s box, just fyi

Printers aren’t nearly as plug and play and people think they are lol

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Sorry. I meant that I found some people offering to do 3d printing. Not the printers themselves.
I know there’s a lot to it.

Gotta love the English language, it’s so easy to miscommunicate with.

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Any chance your printer is back up and running?


It is actually, I can look into printing it tonight

Middle of a move so I have to semi stay on mission


Hope the move goes quick!

That last 25% that’s left is always the worst.


Which version were you interested in?

Sorry for the delay.

I don’t know? Lol.

Maybe the snap together one?
As long as it allows for enough cooling??

It looks like it’s fully covered and the other looks to be open on top?

Maybe one of each?

Do you have input?

I’m not in the know.

Before I look further into printing it, and figuring out pricing

You should take a peek at this thread

There is currently a pretty unfortunate exploit on the xACv2

Thanks for the heads up!

I’d still like to proceed

It’s the only unit I’ve gotten to work.
Hopefully they’ll fix the glitch and I can get a new one down the line and still be able to use the case on it.

My project won’t be fully functional for 6-9 months. So I have time.

Ready to proceed.

Maybe you could send me one of the tags and I could test it?

I’ve got I think 4 of the xAC’s and two haven’t been programmed at all.
Could see if it works right out of the box.

Hi Eriequiet,

Any chance you can print those?

I’ll take the risk.
Would like it protected when I install it in the vehicle.


Lemme take a look and see what it looks like to make

not doing that, at this point its confirmed to effect probably all of them… I’m not going to pass out the exploit

can you accept the color orange?
if so I can print it in a higher temperature PETG with what I already have setup and tuned for

thinking 5$ each plus shipping

looks like my PETG has been saturated with moisture and is printing like garbage
my dehydrator is already packed… so I’m probably not able to print what you need for 2-4 weeks until I finish moving…

hasn’t even been that humid lately and I store my inactive spools in a desiccant chamber, and my active spool in a sealed box… idk

EDIT again,
it might have just been the first wrap or what was in the reverse bowden… the snap crackle pop has died down

Understandable on the key. No worries.

Zero issues with orange. Or any color.

5 bucks plus shipping seems too little for your time.
10 or 15 plus shipping sounds more fair?
I appreciate your time.
It’s something I can’t do.

Let me know if it’s doable now.
Or later.
Will get you the funds either way.
Appreciate it.


I was assuming 5 for each case, I was unsure how many you wanted, I assumed 4x
my PETG will be fine to print, but I will have to switch to my regular nozzle tommorow night… I’m out of juice tonight

Yes. Two of them.
So 4 total I guess if the covers for the antenna count as a case?

Whatever works.

I appreciate your time. For something I can’t get done myself.
It’s like an alien language to me. Lol.

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