WIKI: xEM Access Controller v2 3D Printed Cases

Hi All, thought I’d make this a wiki so everyone can share their case designs for the xAC v2.

Through Panel/No Lid w/Coil Cover

by @PulsarForce and @Compgeek

Standalone/Snap-together box for PCB

by @PulsarForce and @Compgeek

Please feel free to update this with your creations, and comment with design questions/printing questions and showing off your designs and prints!


The snap-together case is now uploaded on Thingiverse :grinning:. This one seems to be a bit more finicky than the other design so I will be updating it regularly based on community feedback.

Also, a few changes have been made to the original through panel design:

  • Some edges have been filleted to improve aesthetics
  • Modified the support under the main connector to improve the way the PCB sits
  • Made the box slightly larger to improve the fit of the PCB