Wild Reader Sweet Spot Reference Guide

Hi Borg friends,
I have yet to get stabbed myself, but I do have the Magic ring with the T5577 and gen2 Magic Mifare chips for which I have discovered an insane number of pm3 commands. (seriously, the list of possible commands for hf mf is mindblowing to me - also thank you to everyone who contributed to Iceman firmware because it is incredibly solid and relatively ‘easy’ to use from a techies perspective)

Ok, thats a derail, but for the topic at hand.

With the ring alone I have noticed that the read range various massively from reader to reader that I encounter, from hand-slappingly good on the HID ProxPro readers and iffy at best on the Schlage branded version of the XceedID X1500D-P. Over time, I’ve found the optimal way to position the rings coil relative to the epoxy potted antenna coils in the readers (the middle bump on the Schalge reader is for some reason a prime spot, the whole surface of the ProxPro is pretty reliable, but all 4 edges are particularly reliable) and wondered if other people would benefit from this knowledge.

From my time spent here also, I know that implant coils have a similar problem with the necessity of finding a sweet spot, something that will vary from reader to reader.

I know that there is a continually growing compatibility guide that details which DT products are compatible with which readers. I propose a good addendum to that, a separate document or even a compendium of pictures in a long thread with crappy phone camera annotations that is a guide full of pictures of readers with their sweet spots marked out so that anyone interacting with those in the future can easily identify it and know how to position their hand and mitigate the time fiddling awkwardly in front of a door.
What do you think?

It’s interesting… but it’s a lot of work. We decided early that we would instead supply field detector hardware with the implants which would allow everyone to test any reader they encounter in the wild. Field detectors like X Field Detector - RFID & NFC Chip Implants and Biohacking products keychains work by showing exactly how x-series implants should be held to the reader in question.