Will a NExT implant work with this access control system?

Hi! Brand new forum member here! The access control system at my workplace uses the cards shown in the attached picture. Over the years we have successfully added a few different cards from various provenance in our system. We just scan a card on one of the door readers and look at the resulting ID number. We then input that number in the corresponding field in the application. All three examples provided here are cards and tokens that we use, and all three have different facility codes. I have administrator access to the access control system and can add cards to it. I think it should work, but still, I’d like to make sur the the NExT implant will work before buying and implanting it.

The FOBs are 13mhz.
The second cards are 13mhz iClass
The third is actually a dual frequency card.

The real question is whether the readers you have are multiclass readers or just HF (high frequency, 13mhz) readers.

If they are multiclass, then you should be able to put the xEM side into HID mode and add the UID, or you can clone a card you already have to it.

Unfortunately without some test equipment it will be difficult to say for sure.
To see if it works without buying a bunch of stuff or hoping it works after implant, I’d get this https://www.amazon.com/Portable-Handheld-Writer-Copier-Duplicator/dp/B07QMY67YR/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?keywords=cloner+three+beep&qid=1575032999&sr=8-1-fkmr0 and see if you can 1: clone one of the Prox Comp cards to one of the fobs in the kit. If you do, see if your readers will read the FOB. If it does then the xEM will be able to be cloned. There is still the question of whether your readers will be able to pick up the xEM implant, but there is a good chance it will, though may take some learning where the optimal spot is. (This is where the field detector comes in handy (see below))

Just please note there are issues with cloning xEMs with that cloner. Without fully understanding what you are doing, you can brick your implant, so don’t go all willynilly with it. Understand how to do it right before attempting.

Other tools that are useful would be the Dangerous Things Diagnostic Card and the HF/LF Field Detectors. But the NeXT kit comes all of these items automatically.

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Thank you for the detailed answer! I removed one of the readers from the wall and took a picture of the label on the back. (caused an intrusion alarm in our access control system, the guard at the front desk got really nervous all of a sudden… :blush:)

The readers are HID iClass Se R10.

From the HIDglobal product page :
13.56 MHz contactless smart cards supported
iCLASS Seos® , iCLASS SE, standard iCLASS®, MIFARE® Classic, and MIFARE DESFire®EV1

So if I understand correctly,

the readers will work only with 13.56 mhz cards,

the xEM side works only at 125 khz,

the xNT side is 13.56 mhz but will only work on readers that support ISO 14443A or NFC type II,

by itself, the 7 bit UID in the xNT will not be recognized by our readers.

Thanks again for helping me on this! Two weeks ago I had no idea this was possible, and I went from neutral to really excited, and just now from really excited to somewhat downcast.



I don’t think so, but I’m at the limit of my knowledge. It’s easy enough to test. Pick up an NTAG216 NFC tag from amazon.

One other option might be the xM1 as that is a MIFARE classic. https://dangerousthings.com/product/xm1/ Again, at the limit of my knowledge so you’ll need @amal to chime in. I’m not super familiar with the HID ecosystem.

Thanks again! NTAG216 NFC tags on order. Will update.