Will the vintage and classic NFC tag rings be restocked?

I’ve been thinking about getting an NFC ring and finally got my ring size only to see that the rings are all sold out. Will there be a restock in the future? I’m specifically looking at the vintage and signature ones

Does that help?

I’d be a size 11, do you know if those will be stocked?

Edit: I realized after replying that you were linking to another thread, but that thread does not seem to answer if they will be restocked

Let me drop an @amal here, he is the only one that can give you a direct answer about stocks and supply.

What are ypu wanting to do with the ring?
i.e. is there technology you want or is it more about asthetics ?

We currently don’t have plans to restock the dual frequency ring, only the magic ring. If that changes, we will post to


I was planning on using it as a sort of business card, scan it and it sends someone to my website with a coupon code activated, as well as a way to ease my friends into the idea of implants lol. I’m sure I can find one somewhere else, I was just hoping to buy it from a site I’d like to support if I could.


Awesome, and super loyal of you.

The Magic ring COULD, But it doest play great with iPhones. So thats half your options gone.

Good luck with your search.

Pretty sure I’ve seen something similar on Aliexpress, if you want to support China :wink:


I’ve actually had success with iPhones and the magic ring. If you have a Proxmark, you just have to run

hf mf ndefformat

And the pm3 should format the mifare magic side to hold NDEF records. Then you can write nfc tag stuff to it using NFC TOOLS in compatibility mode

And then it should be able to be read by iPhones no problem once programmed

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thanks for the updated info

Wait for the Magic ring :wink: