Will the xIC ever be available again? / Vivokey spark as badge

Will the xIC will ever be available again? My work badge runs on the iso 15693 standard (HID iclass high frequency). Theoretically, the vivokey spark (which already I have) works on the same ISO standard as the xIC, is there currently any way to write my badge to it? Does the vivokey spark do… anything right now?

I use my xNT with HID iClass-II HF, it beeps once instead of the normal twice bedside there’s no key exchange, it just uses the uid but it works fine.

Interesting. But the iclass ii hf runs on the 15693 and 14443-b standards. Presumably that is why it beeps only once. My NExT’s xNT is 14443-A and 14443-B compatible.vthe exact badge I have is an iclass DF by reading the badge, but I can’t find any good information on it. Theoretically the xIC would have worked. Can I get one custom made? Is there any leftover stock? I keep reading that the vivokey spark can be used for access control… how would I set that up or is it only for the flex? I didn’t really do enough research on the spark. Didn’t know it was basically useless for now.

Actually, interesting thought. The reason it would beep twice is that it is reading both standards separately but only reads the xNT once.

Patrick has the xIC in his store:

Oh, that’s perfect. Can I reuse my vivokey spark injector after re-sterilizing it? Would I need an autoclave for that or could I use a sterilizing solution? What reader/writer model would be recommended?

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The best thing is, go to a piercing studio - what I know the chip is a bit bigger - they have the needles in the studio. The chip is steril. I went with the chip to a piercing studio.

I’m also a waiting to use it, because the daytickets from the visitor terrace from the airport use this system. I hope that they will offer season tickets soon (at the moment only barcode - so i don’t bought the season ticket)

I don’T know a writer, but I think the proxmark can help.