Will this 125 Khz reader work with the NeXT implant?


That’s the reader we use at our office with a Wiegand 26 control board for RFID entry into the office.

Thanks, guys!

that’s a big “probably”… usually when RFID products are listed as “125khz” with no other special details, it usually means EM41xx / EM42xx compatible. The NExT has a T5577 chip which is configured in EM emulator mode by default when it ships.

The only other question is - will the antenna in the reader be able to read the NExT, and that’s just a question that will have to be answered by testing.

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I’ve yet to encounter a wall-mounted reader that won’t read my xEM (configured as an Indala 224 bits) or my non-DT EM4305. Even my extremely finicky Elatec TWN4 MultiTech2 tabletop USB reader picks them up easily. 125 kHz is very forgiving - much more so than 13.56 MHz.


Hey Rosco! Thanks for the reply. I am looking forward to using the NeXT chip with my RFID door access system. I am also curious to try the Spark for varied applications.

Thanks amal - I am hoping it does work with that reader. I installed that system at our office a while back from parts off Amazon. I will test the reader with the chip in the packet first to see if it functions before I get it implanted.

Just a heads up. Even with the LF readers, the metal of the syringe around the implant while it’s still in the packaging is going to make it harder to read. Also even if you do get a read through the syringe, your access control system might not recognize a chip that is not configured correctly. I think the NExT is configured as a EM4100 by default, so your access control system would need to be setup for those. If you really want to test it before implanting, you might need a proxmark3 RVD4 with the DT custom antenna to program it through the syringe, and you need to know more about the work card your trying to clone

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Hello Satur9 - thanks for the info - Would it be possible to carefully remove the implant from the syringe to test it and then put it back? If not that’s fine I will just hope for the best. I have had others tell me that the probability of it working is high so I might just implant the chip and go for it.

Don’t fret it. I programmed my xEM with a Proxmark3 and then confirmed that it worked at my work office building’s front door while it was still in the needle. 125 kHz really is not as finicky as you would expect.

In any case, don’t push it out of the needle. In fact, don’t pull it out of its airtight pouch unless you’re about to implant it. Else you’ll compromise sterility.


Oh hey Rosco! Super helpful man I appreciate it :slight_smile: hi^5 !!!

Hello everyone, I know those readers well that you have pictured above. Those are compatible with my home access control system, and my readers are similar, just a different brand. Last night I was able to find just the right sweet spot through the packaging for my NExT where I could get a valid and consistent EM read on my access control system. Then of course, I was able to configure the system for my NExT ID and it works! I would feel safe saying that you can probably look forward to yours working with your NExT as well. :slight_smile: