Windows login scrambling KBr output

Hello y’all,

Playing with the KBR on a new computer and the output gets scrambled in the Windows login box.
It works properly when outputting to any other fields.
I tested it with ducky/keyboard emulator with the same scramble …

I’m assuming it’s a safety “feature” in Windows to “defend” against some attacks … Is there a way to disable that “feature”?


What happens if you type in your password on a keyboard, does it scramble the same? What do you mean by scrambled? What is the behavior?

i saw this one thing that was a security setting that basically showed the *** as you typed but the number of them was not consistent with the characters typed… it would bounce and jump around as you typed, so like if I typed “he” i would get ***** and then i continued to type “ll” and it would change to *** and then I finished with “o” and the password box would be like ********** or something… messed with my brain.

Typing by hand it type properly :+1:

With the KBR, it change a few characters and order

With the ducky it does the same.
I got a keyboard emulator that’s a bit slower, and it type OK the first few characters then start scrambling …
All of them works as expected when “typing” in notepad …

I need to make a few pauses and different delay to see if it’s detecting too fast and even of a typing?

windows version?

also are you setting your user account password to this or have you assigned an alphanumeric pin to your account and using the kbr with the “pin” vs “password”?

It’s W11 managed …

Here is the behavior quick and dirty. The string it’s typing is “DTTestLingString0123456789”

yeah uggo… considering the fact that there might be backend checks going on with that textbox for things like SSO and alternative authentication strategies attached to the entered user ID / email, I would look for a way to slow the flipper input. I think the input is too fast. Once confirmed that speed is the issue, we might be able to work it out with the factory to slow the output of the KBR1 on future models… but i don’t think much can be done for your unit :confused:

That’s was I was afraid of :confused:

I’ll run some test with the flipper qnd see how far I need to slow it dow …

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