Wired article on mifare classic vulnerabilities and Saflok

Well I guess someone was late to the party…

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this is absolutely fucking hilarious btw on a personal level w/ saflok.

for the interested: dk have said they’re shifting to UL-C/UL model & changing the algorithm but the amount of time and money it will take for that to knock on on a global scale is going to be absurd.

i think it should be somewhat pertinent that a vulnerability of this caliber make its way onto the news due to the threat to life a problem like this could cause especially to vulnerable individuals.

the threat vector is very very slim as it would take someone proficient in RFID hacking to pull it off & that kind of person would also need malicious intent but as it stands, if you’re in a saflok MFC hotel room you are not behind a locked door, always engage deadbolts folks.


From what I understand, the biggest obstacle to someone doing this maliciously is getting a copy of the lock system’s provisioning software then using it to reverse engineer the memory map and/or commands of the cards to extract the property and room codes. Not a huge bar, but I’m guessing it is probably harder to get that software now than it was a month ago.

I wish Wired (and others) hadn’t mentioned the Flipper Zero. I’ve already seen people saying stuff like “The Flipper can unlock any Saflok hotel room”. Adding more fuel to the “ban it” fire.


I’m sceptical whether the method of using the management software for reverse engineering is necessary. Like you say there would be a low likelihood of this being obtained in order to specifically target this lock. I suspect the attack methods that are viable with the chameleon mini / ultra would be more successful. I had a play about with the chameleon in a hotel in hong kong that was using mifare ultralight and i think it would have been successful if i had a windows device with me. Even nested attacks with a proxmark would/should work here.

Just seen @Iceman covers a bit about this in his youtube show.