Wireless security cameras

Anyone have experience with Eufy (Anker) camera systems?

I’d like to avoid having to steam everything to the cloud and I’d like to be able to connect my own DVR to each cam to pull and save streams but would like an app or some option to see what’s going on in real time and possibly get alerts for things like doorbell action etc… Eufy seems like a good option but haven’t had any experience with them before.

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Do you still own a Synology?

Pretty sure you get one Camera registration free.
Pretty shitty that you have to pay to register cameras on your own server.
(I really like Synology, but this is one thing that I don’t like about it)

This would give you a self hosted, internet connected, app accessed option and you can choose your own cameras.


License Packs | Synology Inc.

Purchase link (4 Camera)


I haven’t tried or tested it myself, so I can’t give a personal reccomendation

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If you want to use any of the smart features of the Eufy cameras then you will be streaming everything to the cloud even if you are not storing the data there. It is possible to use something like OpenCV to perform most of those smart tasks locally (even on something as simple as a raspberry pi) but I am not aware of any commercial cameras that do that.

I would love to find a camera that just streams to a local server (something like MotionEye) and have that provide the post processing for smart functionality. Most of the options I have found tend to involve making your own with a raspberry pi and camera. :frowning:

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2 cameras free actually

I do have a Synology NAS and 2 cameras
Works perfectly lots of options

And ofcourse the most important… no cloud shit…


Personally i only know the doorbell from eufy
I installed that at my parents house with the recorder so it does not go to cloud.

Works nice quite simple but I don’t know if their camera system is the same

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I have a Eufy front door camera/door bell unopened, that records to a local hard drive that it comes with. It mentions that it’s only local storage. I’ll sell it for a great price if you’re interested (or anyone else).

What’s the actual product model number? I might be interested :slight_smile: