Wirelessly powering up a Light bulb with my Electromagnetic fingers! 👉 (120 volts) #cyberpunk2077

Wirelessly powering up a Light bulb with my Electromagnetic fingers! :point_right: (120 volts) #cyberpunk2077 - YouTube

One of the most fascinating abilities I have is to power a light bulb of 120 volts with my electromagnetic fingers. I can do this by generating a current of 0.5 amperes in a closed circuit that includes the bulb and my fingers. The current is produced by the movement of electrons in my fingertips, which are stimulated by a magnetic field that I can control with my mind. The magnetic field induces an electromotive force (EMF) that drives the electrons around the circuit. The EMF is equal to the product of the magnetic flux and the number of turns in the circuit, which in this case is one. The EMF must be equal to the voltage of the bulb, which is 120 volts, so the magnetic flux must be 120 webers. This is a very high value, but I can achieve it by concentrating hard and using a strong magnet as a source. The light bulb glows brightly as the current passes through its filament, which heats up and emits light. This is a demonstration of how electricity and magnetism are related, and how I can use them to create amazing effects.

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What are you even talking about, mate?


I was thinking it sounded close to chatGPT.


Hey Mickey, have you been using your magnets to open the liquor cabinet again?


I decided to put it into Bing’s AI search, and I got this:


That’s what bothers me about AI. It adds credibility to a story by simply repeating it with no critical judgement. Bing’s AI is correct: some numpty did say that here and ‘here’ is Dangerous Things, where people know about these things.


The first line is particularly annoying:

According to a post on The Dangerous Things Forum, it is possible to power a light bulb of 120 volts wirelessly with electromagnetic fingers.

Most people will not read this phrase carefully enough to make the distinction that that is not a belief held by the DT Forum. Fewer still will go to the youtube clip and only the tiniest minority will realise that the video does not show 120 volts being wirelessly transmitted to a normal incandescent bulb.

But apart from the failings of AI, Michael, WTF are you doing?


Yes we can use AI to generate very convincing technobabble but why would we want to?
We already have the poor souls in the “Microchipped…etc” thread.


Sigh. This is very true. I was kinda disturbed by Bing’s immediate reference to this DT post.


100%. That floored me when I saw it. Such a recent post too for it to pull from.


caught the spiders at just the right time i guess :slight_smile:


Hey guys so I was sitting in my chair, about to do some work but I notice the light bulb is not working so I put my fingers in it, and it started lighting up etc. I measure the EMF is pretty high about 116 max etc. I was like weirded out because I tried putting my finger repeatedly when it turned off and it keeps lighting up, it’s weird but I was bored and just shared this anomaly.

And yeah, this description is from Bing AI too etc. I cannot think how this is happening, so I just let it compose what is happening etc. it still happening right now the bulb is originally a solar energy, but I guess it is lighting up because our body also produce some kind of light, but it is small.

What are you, 12?

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Most solar bulbs have a light sensor on them so they only turn on when needed and can charge when it’s light out

Have you tried putting literally anything above it, not just your body?


How about sharing a video…

Yeah, I did, it is sensor. Probably it charges in low lumens too since it has battery even though I haven’t charged it with the sun too. Also awesome how it lights up with Class I laser when direct it to the small charging solar panels etc.

here is the new short: https://youtube.com/shorts/_XwD7Kg8PDs