Wix Wizard in the house?

Hey all … so … anyone a wix site design wizard? I need to revamp the vivokey corp site… it’s on wix because reasons… and I need someone better at the WYSIWYG design system it’s using than I am.

I’m creating a simple notes file for what I want to communicate, and we have some pretty good assets for this… so if anyone is familiar with the wix designer environment and interested in a small but important (to me) gig, let me know.

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I’m not fantastic at design but I am familiar with the interface having helped my mom make a new website for their preschool as well as having taken a few web dev courses over the last 2 semesters, although they mostly focused on html, css and js.

So if you know what you want on the page and maybe a vague idea of the design, I could likely bring it to existence.