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I have problems with the plugin, it is always giving me identification problems, is it happening to someone else? any solution?

You will likely need to add a lot more detail…

The VivoKey auth pluging?

What do you mean by this? As an end user? During installation? Do you have logs or a copy of the error?

I am sure someone can help :slight_smile: you but you have not given us much to work on here…

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The first error is:

Client ID Error

The client identifier (client_id) is missing or invalid.

Did you populate the client id in the Settings > VivoKey OpenID section? If so have you double checked it is correct?

VivoKey OpenID Connect Plugin
Thank you for installing the VivoKey OpenID Connect plugin for WordPress! This plugin will enable you to link your VivoKey cryptobionic implant with your WordPress account and allow you to scan your VivoKey to log in, rather than enter your username and password.

VivoKey OpenID Connect Settings
VivoKey Client ID
VivoKey Client Secret
I have this, i don’t have qr when on XXXX are numbers… what should i configure? because I have no choice, where do I get those numbers?

When I go to user connect vivokey profile … it gives me that error

I recomend watching this video:

It is has nice step by step instructions. The config stuff starts at about 1 min in.

Those numbers come from your VivoKey app.


Yes i see this video, but i don’t have qr!!! does not appear

Ok so your issue is that you have no QR code generated on that page. Cool, now we are getting somewhere. If you go to your VivoKey app Settings > Advanced is there a way to create an app?

There should be somwhere to do that in there without the QR code. It is just a shortcut.

I cant give detailed directions as I have not actually used the VivoKey app or WordPress :sweat_smile: I am just very familiar with authentication protocols including OIC.

If that still is not working for you you may have to check the WordPress logs to work out why the QR code is not generating or raise an issue on the GitHub repo or contact DT/@amal


solved, I have deleted the numbers that appeared I have given to save and then the qr has appeared, from there it is already I have been able to fix it !! Thank you


Glad you got it fixed! Enjoy :smiley:


Nice to see more people using this plugin !

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