Working iClass 2K clone compared to original

So I just got my Proxmark from Dangerous Things today. I was playing around with it reading my iClass keyfob. I also have a cloned keyfob that I paid for. I did a hf ic dump --ki 0 on both fobs. I was expecting lines 6-9 to be identical, but for some reason line 6 is slightly different. Do you guys think this was a mistake? The output

I have seen a few posts about only ACTUALLY using block 7 (with the uid and key obviously) but, I have no personal experience trying that. I don’t have my pm3 or test cards with me, but I might just try to write arbitrary values in blocks 6, 8, and 9 to see if it will still grant me access. But, I won’t be back to work to check it until Monday night.

That’s interesting. I started searching iClass clone block and noticed similar posts. Some only mentioning copying block 7. So it must contain the facility code and card number?

Err I answered my own question using hf iclass decrypt

do tell! I’m on vacation and saw the email…and curious! my lady is not at happy as I am about being in this thread at the moment…so please make it worth my time? :stuck_out_tongue:

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And I MAY have been a bit drunk on vacation because I don’t even remember making that post hahaha.

Seeing as the data in block 7 is in hex and not a ndef format I can make any sense of…

If anyone has given any effort into a simple converter that’d be great!!

But, I’m gonna go ahead and change blocks 6, 8, and 9 here in a few. Will update!


Prob not what you are asking. I am just learning. I took the bin from the dump file and used hf iclass decrypt. It gave me the card number and site number at block 7

Do you mean that you got a decimal value that matches the facility code from the hex data from block 7?

It’s been a while. I will try to look into it when I get home from work again.

So if I run
hf ic dump --ki 0
hf iclass decrypt -f hf-iclass-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-dump.bin

I get an output like this. So I assumed blocked 7 contained the access information card number and facility code.

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aha! very nice. I’ve never actually looked into that! I learned something new! :crazy_face:

it may work for you with block 7 alone, but it didn’t work for me when I tried. I may try different values in the other blocks, as I just tried FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF in 6,8,& 9. Trial and error, I suppose.

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