Working with "HL" side of NExT- on "Proxmark3

Hello everyone. I have questions about the operation of NExT.
I figured out writing and copying tags to the LF side (on the built-in LF chip of the T5577 series) using my “Proxmark3 easy”. :+1:
BUT I did not find a manual for working with the other “HL” side of NExT (NTAG 216) on "Proxmark3 easy".
Please tell me this step-by-step process of cloning a keychain from the front door, or give me link see.
Thx! :wink:
see screenshots & photos below

tag-home door

Short answer: you can’t …

The tag you have is mifare ev1, but the NExT has an ntag216 … Totally different chip …
(I’m not even sure you can clone mifare ultralight EV1 …)

The best way to play with the ntag216 is straight with your phone (if NFC compatible)

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I would still like to understand the sequential cloning process on a similar keychain or card
/ not necessarily on NExT

Im no PM3 expert, very very far from it …

It details and commands depend on the tag you are trying to use, but in general it is as follow:

  • break teh encryption on the original tag
  • read the original tag
  • dump the data from the original tag on teh PM3 or computer
  • write dumped data to a fresh tag
    (- confirm the new tag has the proper data written on it)

Amal made some step by step for the M1K tags (its on his YouTube channel)

Do you have a specific tag youre trying to clone?
This woudl make it easier on everyone to guide you through the process.

yes, in the screenshot above it is this tag and what “Proxmark3 easy” read

this ^

while you arent able to clone a key onto it, if the system you’re trying to access supports mifare ultralight (and in some cases any ISO14443A UID dependent authentication) you can ask the system administrator whos in charge of the access control systems to enroll your implant as a new token.

if you’re interested in the more hacky side of cloning id happily give you a rundown on the discord server Dangerous Discord

I would also like to receive such information, but for some reason - I can not get into the Discord account.
besides, I’m from Russia and I don’t know English very well, a lot will have to be translated NOT online)))
Maybe there is an opportunity to dump such information in some other way - not through Discord?
For example, by mail in a text file or maybe through a file sharing service.
Unless of course it will not be difficult for you.
It would be great

happy to do so, its not really a big text file I am more meaning, feel free to ask questions of any variety and id be happy to help and assist ant problems you may be facing, you can message me on the forums if it would be easier


now there is a problem to duplicate this tag, which is higher in the screenshot and photo. on a new clean keychain tag