Workplace Anxiety

Interested in purchasing and installing an RFID kit, and using it for work, but I have no idea how to ask IT about it. Seems simple, I just can’t find the words to follow through. A simple template for the request should be sufficient. Any further advice will be greatly appreciated, and I’m open to questions.

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I’m sure it depends on the type of workplace and the security protocols, but in my opinion it would be better to actually talk to them face to face instead of asking over an email or phone call. Just explain to them it’s like any other work badge but in your hand. They might have heard of RFID implants if they work in IT and if you’re a long-time trusted employee they might help you out. The answer pretty much all depends on your workplace and who you know though.
Experience: In school for cybersecurity/sysadmin.


Basically the right answer. It all depends on how well you know them, who you are, and how well you explain it. There’s even a slim chance one of them has one as well. If someone asked me to add their hand I would laugh and do it with nearly no question. But I also have 2 implants so I’m a bit of a biased source. If your IT guy isn’t the jaded stereotype IT guy then chances are they’ll kind of like it.


IT professionals would be cool about it. They’re into computer things, so they have the technical knowledge to understand and assess the security of what you want to do. My advice is: explain what you want to do and keep the email short. Nothing like a long explanation to get your request rejected :slight_smile:

However, non-IT people are a lot harder to work with. For instance, I could not for the life of me get the rent-a-cop at my company to register my RFID implant into the security system to get into the building: the guy was adamant that I needed to use “company-approved” badges, and actually called my boss to tell him I was trying to con him into hacking the security system with something suspicious in my hand. No amount of explaining what an RFID tag is - let alone an implant - helped.

My boss did tell him it was okay (after I explained yet again what I wanted), and instructed him to go ahead and encode my implant’s ID, but not before letting me know unambiguously that I was weird, and also that he had other things to do than deal with that sort of things…