Would I need more than one chip for this use?

I wish to store some personal data on the xNT chip, as well as use it to badge in at work.

I was issued a badge for entry already, so I must use the data from badge I already have.

Will having that personal data on the same chip confuse the rfid reader at my work, meaning i’d have to get two implants and store data on one for personal use and use the other only as a badge.

Or am I okay to just get one implant?

It depends on how your work does the access badges, and what tech they are.

My old workplace used HID iClass badges, and incidentally the readers accepted my xNT, I just added the UID of my xNT into the work Access Control System so that it recognized my implant, this way I still had all the user memory for myself.

But if your work uses LF such as regular HID then you cant even use the xNT as its HF NFC

The only marking on the card is on the back, stating it is a HID Proximity card. I’m not sure how to find any information on it other than that as a Google search doesn’t yield much.

hello, to begin you can use the nxp application to identify your card:

If it says HID iClass its 13.56Mhz, If just HID it could well be a standard 125Khz prox card, which could be copied directly to an xEM but not an xNT

If its iClass you will have to have your xNT UID put in the work system.