Writing ntag URL to open in YouTube app rather than mobile?

So I’m trying to find out how to write the YouTube url so that when my xsiid is scanned it opens the YouTube app and not the mobile website. I’ve tried the direct link, I’ve tried the youtu.be link. I’ve even tried a marketing campaign link from URLgenius. Running out of ideas.

That setting is in your phone, something along the lines “open YouTube link in app”

The tag only has a link (a bunch of characters/text file), how the reader (phone) react is not stored on the chip.

What phone are you using?
When you open a link (from a website), doe it open in the app or the browser?

I’m using the pixel 7. But I also have a test pixel 3 and S7 I use.

I have already enabled the URLs to open the YouTube app by default but it still reverts back to the mobile site


This is entirely dependent on the phone and the app on the phone catching the hook for the URL.

Alternatively you can write an intent that will work on Android but not iPhone to open a specific app. How to use NFC tag to open APP directly android - Stack Overflow


This was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks man.

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On my iPhone it opens a YouTube link in the app automatically.

That’s a function of the app though. The YouTube app is catching the URL intent but on Android you can tell Android to open an app even if the app isn’t looking for special URLs etc.

That said, the post was about opening YouTube on iPhone with an NFC tag … so yeah it’s another way of making it work.

The bummer is that there is no universal way to make it work on both so you have to literally have two NFC tags where one says iPhone users tap there and Android users tap here… Ugh

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Hey, did you ever solve this? I have the exact same issue on my pixel.