Wrong card from RedTeamTools?

Hey All,

I purchased the highly-recommended PicoPass 2K card from Red Team Tools so I could copy my iClass Legacy card to it. However when I got the card, I noticed that the card has “HID SEOS” written on it and the canonical instructions for writing to these cards failed and my proxmark3 fails to identify it as an iclass tag.

As far as I can tell these SEOS cards are not compatible with the PicoPass cards that I thought I was buying. Do I need to purchase something else or am I going about this the wrong way?

Thanks all for your help!

Huh? That’s… weird. If RedTeamTools sent you a SEOS card, it wouldn’t work with your iClass Legacy. SEOS is basically a JavaCard, not a 2K. I’d contact them and ask what gives.

Ok. I’ll ping them and try to see what’s going on. I was starting to do research into whether or not iClass legacy could be emulated with a JavaCard and was going down a very twisty rabbit hole.

I got 2 of those cards in a the mail the other day. I threw them in a drawer and haven’t touched them yet. I just pulled them out and they have HID Seos HP written on them.

Via the Proxmark…

“hf search” says possible HID SEOS or NTAG 4xx.

I have to use “hf mfdes info” to read them.

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I’m interested in this myself. Mind PMing me any interesting sources you found?

I’ll admit that I’m not super familiar with the block structure of SEOS chips, but I am pretty damn sure that they aren’t interchangeable with iClass Legacy. WTF is RedTeam up to?!

RedTeam is making it right. They were quick to respond to me. They think there may have been an inventory issue where some of the different iClass cards got mixed into the same batch.


Just heard from RedTeamTools and they’re going to replace the cards, which I’m happy to hear. Hopefully you got the email too @vepr. (edit: should have read the most recent posts before replying, glad to hear you got the email)

With regards to emulation with JavaCards, I saw the following quote about the SEOS cards on this website which made me think that emulation of iClass Legacy cards on an iClass SEOS might be possible. I still don’t understand exactly what that mechanism would look like.

Best of all, Seos access control cards can specify other technologies such as MIFARE and DESFire, as well as HID legacy ranges such as Prox and older iCLASS cards.

This thesis has some good information about SEOS cards. Hain also has some code on github which is targeted at emulating a SEOS card with a JavaCard.

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