Wrong Chip Orientation under the Skin?


I seem to have an issue with the Chip having shifted beneath the skin. To be precise:
While directly after the insertion, it was somewhat in the right orientation, it has now rotated about 90 degrees.

Imagine it like this, but rotate the Chip 90 degrees:


I’m now a bit worried because I didn’t find any information on this Scenario anywhere and also didn’t find someone with a similar problem. The Chip was implanted 5 days ago.

Is there a need to act?


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Hey man! My one shorted 90 degrees also. Appears to be fine and isn’t “on” any bone as far as I’m aware, can you make the location of yours like I have below? (old photo)

I’ve had no issues and honestly is a easier position for scanning with my phone, so whilst I was mildly concerned I’m now pretty ok with it.



Yes this happens with some people… basically the muscles in the hand under the chip force it to spin 90 degrees. As long as the chip doesn’t scoot overtop of a bone, you’re fine.


Does it feel any different now that it’s rotated?

I can feel it super clearly if that’s what you mean?

Hey Amal, Hey James,

thanks for the Reassurance.
It’s doing fine now and it has settled a bit too. I don’t think it’s going to cause any trouble in the Position it is.

I’ll include a picture for you in the position in which it is right now, James.



Glad to here it’s going fine :slight_smile: let us know if it does anything else freaky but honestly my one is fine about there (can’t believe it’s already been two months!)

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Mine did the same thing. It started out parallel to and about 1cm away from the finger bone, and over a couple of days it moved 45 degrees and scooted over to my thumb. It hasn’t moved since and it works fine. It does mean that I can make it stand out if I flex my thumb muscle :o)



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The only thing I am a bit miffed about is I’d like an xEM to compliment the xNT, Not sure where to install now the xNT is greedily taking up all the space by sitting a strange way!

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Hey James,

I’d be careful installing two Chips in the same Hand anyway. If you smash your hand, chances are, they’ll smash together. Ususally there’d only bone around the flesh, so that’s pretty safe.

But I don’t know about Glass against Glass and the possibility of “squishing” the tissue inbetween.

What’s wrong with using your other hand, though? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have an MFC chip in my right hand and an xEM in my left hand as well.