Wrong kind of ring received

Hello, few weeks ago i ordered a NFC Ring, Today i’ve received the ring, the only problem i had is i received the wrong kind of ring, i ordered the Eclipse NFC Ring (The black ceramic one) and received the Signature ring, no even the size i ordered, i payed international shipping for mexico. I dont know how can return the ring or what steps to follow for this case.
Thanks in advice
Also sorry for my bad english

Hi George,

I responded earlier today on this dilemma. It appears that the wrong ring was placed in the Eclipse ring box from what I saw in the pictures you kindly sent. Unfortunately, this packaging mistake occurred with the manufacturer. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. We’ve refunded the full amount of your order including the international shipping charge.

I’ve PM’d you on getting out a suitable replacement.

My best,


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Thank you very much for the refund of the money and thank you again for the attention. ill we wait for the restock of the black ceramic rings it fits better with my skull rings. You can be sure i’ll we buy again for you incredible store.