Wrong password hitag2 [SOLVED]

Proxmark changed the hitag2 password with an error. Can someone help me create a script to find the password?

lf hitag reader --21 -k AAAAAAAA ( AAAAAAAA= 4D494B52 to BDF5E8FF)

I know it can take a long time.

You can close the topic. I found a solution.

  command = 'lf hitag reader --21 -k %08X'
  msg('Bruteforcing Paxton Passwords\n\nStart value: '..start_id..'\nStop value : '..end_id..'\nDelay between tests: '..timeout..' ms')
  for hexvalue = start_id, end_id, -1 do
   if core.kbd_enter_pressed() then -- abort if key is pressed
    print("aborted by user")
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