X Field Detector Earrings?

I’ve found an interesting use case I’d like to explore for my XFDs, which I’m not really using for anything else: earrings! They’d look pretty interesting on a small ring, and are still functional. Not sure how to attach a loop for the ring to go into though…


photos :slight_smile:


Still digging through my drawers for anything I could use to attach a loop for the ring. Superglue might work with a bit of roughing of the top surface, don’t know though.


Well shit, I just crushed my XFDs on accident :stuck_out_tongue:


oh noooooo!!!

Turns out putting a tiny glass/resin coated cylinder in a vice isn’t a great idea, who could’ve guessed…

Still though, I’m really interested in this idea - the 13.56MHz XFD possibly has enough space at the top for a small hole, not sure what tools you could use to make it though…

I’d totally embed them in the center of a set of my plugs so I can take them on the road lol

yeah… it’s not the best glass either… we don’t use biograde glass for the XFDs only the xLEDs…

@mdanger can help you out… we’ll ship you out another one.

Hey man, don’t worry, I broke them myself a bit stupidly and it’d probably cost you more in shipping than the selling price :stuck_out_tongue:

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Probably… but we want to see this project happen. Up to you though :wink:


Well, if y’all are interested, I’d love to get another shot - with proper planning this time :stuck_out_tongue:


What about using some silver bead caps

They’re made to fit the round glass shape of the xFD. That will provide a lot more surface area in contact, so you can use the glue more effectively.


Those are exactly what I’m looking for, thanks :slight_smile:

You could do like a cool simple wire wrap on them and just end the wrap with a loop for a hook.

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Just ordered some of these boys from an Etsy store, 3mm internal diameter. I’ll probably shorten them a bit, then just use some jewelry glue or superglue to keep the top of the XFD in place, but most of it exposed. I did consider wire wrap, but I have zero experience with that :stuck_out_tongue:


After getting stuck with DHL, they finally arrived! Here’s how they look with an XFD in them:

Unfortunately, I don’t actually have any hoops to put them on :stuck_out_tongue:
EDIT: Almost forgot, thanks to @amal for sending me the XFDs :slight_smile:


Now I imaging you on a phone call and your earring strobing against the reader and the puzzled look on a persons face who happens to notice. :laughing:


I’m new to this forum and still have a lot to learn about the tech but I really like this idea! They look great and would be fun to make :slightly_smiling_face:


I love it! Might have to try a similar project of my own. :smiley: