New to it all.... care to share personal opinions & experiences

So honestly just want to see what everyone who had ones opinion and uses was. I got into coding a year ago and this has made me more curious about possibilities. Honestly, this is the first I’ve came across this page. Reading about people doing the implementation on their own is pretty intense. Is that the norm? Has anyone found doctors willing to do it for them? Whats some crazy things people have done with these and whats the most basic normal uses you see? Sorry, I could read all day… and i have done a lot… just want to hear from more personal experiences if possible.

Welcome to the forums! Everyone will have slightly different answers, but all in line with similar things - the technology has limits and things it is well suited to, so most projects fall in that vein.

I don’t carry keys. I don’t think about them. I don’t check my pockets to make sure I’ve got them every time I walk out my door. I don’t check through the day to make sure I haven’t dropped them. It’s great! Things just unlock for me and it’s nice!

@anon3825968 discussed earlier in another thread what he has done with his, which is more extensive than most. @leumas95 and others were talking about playing around with the flexDF2 for storing secrets locally and encrypted. Someone the other day was looking at Dave and Busters service tech cards. @Vicarious and @JennyMcLane seem to be going for the high score. @amal literally wrote the book and pioneered the tech for human use - and made a prototype smart gun that only he can fire. And @MouSkxy is interested in them for his job as a pen tester.

What we do is similar, the why does change person to person - hopefully I’ve tagged enough people to get an interesting discussion going!


I kinda like to view it through projects. In my opinion, it’s gotta do something to be cool. With that in mind, check these out.

As you can see, lots of options. I recommend a long slow read through the projects section. There’s a lot there, and I don’t know what will appeal to you, or be useful in your world. Just have fun with it!


As has been said, there are tons of things to do. I have my NExT waiting for install and I’m gonna have my dad do it. Usually, people do it themselves as a last resort or if they know what they are doing. The best case would be having a partner, piercer, or a bodymod artist do it but sometimes that’s just not possible.

As for the possibilities, I agree that you should have a read through the projects section but for a couple of quick examples:
I plan to use mine to unlock and start my car, unlock my computer, open my college dorm, and probably something else that i haven’t thought of yet!

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My journey starts in August 2017. It was crazy about 2 weeks later I was thinking about getting more implants. I need to wait half a year to get 3 other ones (1 magnet and 2 chips)

After getting my first chips only one of my friends knows about it (one year later - she got one too)

I must also say, it was really amazing travelling in Sweden with the trainticket on your implant.

Here in Austria RFID technology isn’t popular. What really intresting is, talk about the normal RFID Chips - the people freak out - showing them paying with an implant - this is ok… so crazy - same technology.


Man I have to say… I kinda love this community. Legit this is my first time ever joining a form… I keep to myself in real life and the virtual. I didn’t expect to get a reply let alone on the same day and more than one. You guys are all just so hype about it and working together to do some incredible stuff. It seems like while the world is going crazy, there’s this dope calm community over here making advancements/working together… I just didn’t expect this so sorry if I am rambling or sound weird… Just feels like my world expanded a great deal… I was only reminded of the chips recently because a documentary I was watching covered them a bit. Then I remembered when I first heard as a kid and was told not to trust them should they come out here… I honestly kinda forgot them for a while because I haven’t heard anyone anywhere ever talk about them… I thought this was still only a thing outside of the U.S.A. and so I just chalked it up to not being accessible to me… I was crazy ignorant and I have been playing catch up these last couple days.

I spent WAY too long reading the project section. Everyone is so friendly as well. Like I joined the form and posted figuring it would just be overlooked but you guys aren’t too active but… It is pretty encouraging… I went from thinking about it pretty hard but not actively looking to get it… to I have contacted someone locally to get an idea of the price for installing and to look at booking an appointment. I feel like even if I am having a little trouble, with how all of you are so supportive and quick to respond, I could get the help to figure stuff out. I was really leaning towards not getting one because of not having anyone in my area that I know of with any experience. I just brought it up a couple times and the whole “the government will track you” was the on received response… I was fearful if I had trouble doing something I would have to either figure it out alone or forever be stuck.

Thanks guys… I think I might have found my new hobby/passion. I haven’t been excited about something like this since I was like a kid haha.


As others have said, welcome to the forums! Always great to have new faces around.

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You and me both buddy, Welcome.

What implant(s) are you looking at currently?
Please feel free to ask if you have questions.

This thread wont be the place for it; but when you are ready, just start a new thread with what implants you are considering at the moment and why, some more info about what you want to achieve, what you already have that you want to use an implant with, what you would like to do in the future.

The more info you share the more we can help.

I look forward to seeing your post…As a Basic user at the moment, I guess we will have to wait, Plus your likes and replies are limited…Don’t worry, It wont be for long


listen to this guy, Pilgrim has been one of the most helpful people I’ve ever met in my life.


I think I answered this elsewhere, but it’s been a thing over a long time.

First implant was… 2016-2017 i guess, a xNT from a (now former) distributor in Australia for DT. Never used it for much, eventually implanted the equivalent to an xEM (but sourced dodgily from China… don’t do it) but jumped on board with the Apex Flex beta (then called the Flex One) in 2018-ish. Got that installed, use it every day, got on board with Amal’s magic bean coding ride and started poking at things to make them work. Wrote a few apps for the now-Apex line, wrote some other apps still nearing release for Apex and Spark devices, and generally picked up a lot of skill to complement my compsci degree still in progress (less than a year to go on that, though!). About to spend far too much to get a custom payment conversion installed at the end of the month.

I rely on my implants, mainly my Apex Flex beta - every day. It’s the cornerstone to my personal security setup with respect to 2FA, I even found a way to get a PayPal generator on there (PayPal does SMS or a symantec/whatever idk brand token - there’s a generator with source code on github to generate a serial number for an emulated token and it’s associated secret as an TOTP compatible QR code)

Just an FYI, I did this too since it was the only option for a real 2FA at the time - they silently added native TOTP using a common ‘authenticator’ format, so that bodge is no longer required!

ha, to be honest, I probably use mine the most to turn my phones flashlight on and off. Will be getting door locks for the house.

My business card is in another.

And the xLED I light up to make myself wonder why I put it where I did. (Although if anyone is curious, the one in my forearm hasn’t migrated a bit.)

I also use them to unencrypt my harddrive

Welcome to the forums. This place is awesome by the way, never be afraid to ask a question. There are so many people here willing to help.
Don’t know where you are from, but I’m in the US and was able to find a local peircer to do mine. I’ve got a spark 2 in my right hand which so far is just a nice digital busines card. I’ve got a NeXT in my left hand which I was gonna use for work but they used a weird card, so for now when I scan it with my phone it maxes my brightness setting, which works really well in bright sunlight when I can’t see my screen. Hopefully tomorrow I’m gonna finish my garage door opener set up.
The posts on here are a great reading tool. Don’t be a stranger lol.

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