YAMT (Yet Another Magic Toolbox) - xAC v2

Hey guys,

Heres a short video of my toolbox project in use, inspired by the previous Magic Toolbox project by @ODaily.

Since there aren’t many xACv2 projects yet, it seemed a great time to make it happen!

I’ve still got 1 more to do, so I’ll take some photos of the build, but here’s the result.

3D printing files will be made available on Thingiverse once they are cleaned up a touch - you’ll need to make a custom mount for the solenoid to fit your toolbox but the outside and inside case for the xACv2 might be of interest.


I’m really liking how you mounted the solenoid. I hadn’t considered grabbing the box edge like that.

Besides, It’s Magic!

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Thanks! I figured mounting it around like this gives me a bit more tolerance on locating it, but in the end it didn’t make much difference. Perhaps there is less leverage on the solenoid when lifting the lid this way?

It’s actually grabbing into a slot on the cam lock like yours, but yeah could easily be the box lip

Didn’t catch on to that, but better still. Manual key backup is always a good idea.

How much battery were you able to install? Any idea on runtime? Or, do you have an activation switch / etc.


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No internal battery at the moment, power is supplied through either 1 of 2 DC jacks on the back of the box - I’ve always got power in my workshop, and if not there’s the key.

Eventually it might get a small lithium pack hooked up to the switching pin on the power jack, so you can connect the backup power by physically unplugging the power cable, but don’t really need to do that yet - my workshop power is battery backup already

Wish I could take credit for planning that.

Compgeeks brother here, finally got around to finishing up the models for the case and cover plate for the coil which can be downloaded here if anyone wants them.


Welcome @Compgeek Brother.

You’re obviously the quiet one. :wink:

Thanks for the share :+1: