X-series displacement

Hi everyone,
I implanted 4 x-series in both of my hands. The implants are fine, just one of them is “dancing” under my skin. I accidentally hit my hand right over it and it moved. It won’t be a problem at all because it’s not hurting or even got a risky place. Its just because I tattoed my hand and it is ruining the tattoo being out of the place.

So, this way, I’ve tried everything I could think of to keep this moving implant in place. Does anyone, had the same issue? Can someone help me to make this implant not getting out of the right place?

SO you have managed to move it back where you want it?
If so, what is often used is a “coral” method
Using something like matchsticks/ toothpicks and tape ( sports tape etc ), and taping it down TIGHT, some prenatal vitamins will help speed up the encapsulation process

Yes, I could move it back and it always return to the wrong spot. I will try matchsticks/ toothpicks.
Thanks for your advice. :smiley:

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