xAC alternatives / let’s build a more secure alternative?

if it’s just pulling UIDs and you can add your own it will most certainly not be wanting mifare classic instead just using the Iso14443a generic call for UID commands.

if you wanted something actually secure it would require writing custom keys and block data that (optionally) change on auth. using a uid for auth makes it the same as the xac but with more chip variety

Interested in this.

I don’t know squat, but am using the xac for my vehicle door.

Would like something as secure as possible.

That’s still understandable for noobs like me.

Yeah. Mine is certainly only pulling the UID, but I figure I also have a keypad which takes an 8 digit code as a seperate option (my wife has no implants) and the UID from both the NExT and xM1 are longer than that…

I can’t add a link but the store I used on Ali was Asia-Teco for their 13.56 reader “waterproof 125KHz 13.56MHz compatible proximity reader”. It is about the size of a AU10 cent piece or US dime.

It works with the Wiegand standard 26 bit.

The controller is from same place. It is called “Sboard mini single door access control board”.

Both around $AU28.

The instructions on the controller were a bit hard to understand in terms of placing the jumpers. They have to be repositioned if you want the relay to work as an unpowered circuit. When I first read them I thought you just had to remove one but you actually have to turn it. If anyone gets this and needs help I can send a pick of mine. Without moving the jumpers it operates as a relay which provides power on the NO or NC wire.

Hope it helps. I have tried the “vulnerability” on these (assuming I have understood what it uses) and they appear safe.




NZ$ 26.17 11%OFF | Waterproof 125KHz 13.56Mhz Compatible Proximity RFID Card Reader Wiegand 26 Reader Door Access Control System Kit


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First color is very similar to the xACv2, but small

Second color option is 13.56 and a different antenna, but no real pictures of it

Another option but appears to be only 12v not a NO/NC relay

Double antenna variant

I’m definitely willing to get an try the two that look like they might work for my project.
Door opener for a magnitic locked door.

But I don’t know anything. Haha.
So couldn’t test for the glitch to see if they’re any better.

Willing to help if I can. Please let me know how. Would like to get a secure lock for my RV. Thanks for this thread.

US $14.75 52%OFF | EMID Access Control Board 125KHZ RFID Embedded control board DC12V Normally open control board

And the one below it.

Sorry im late to the party. I think i have a solution for you. Here is the simple sexy. Customisable nfc acsess controlers.


I’ve seen it mentioned before. But was never fully clear on its setup

I get the sinking feeling seeing those boards I’d need to do firmware compiling

Download code and libraries In arduino ide. Add uid and what you want to trigger. And how long. Upload. Enjoy

The 3 alternatives I ordered have arrived,

If I can find my rfid box with bread board and 12v power supply I’ll let you know soon if these are worthwhile or worthless

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Thank youuuuuu

Where do you get the relay board? Is there a post on this setup anywhere?

They make it themselves I believe

Yeah he does, you will find him and his simple sexy channel over on the Discord.
He is much more active over there

I get home in maybe maybe 4-5 hours and I’ll
See what’s what

Sorry I came home last night and went to sleep lol

I have good news :grin:

The blue board version seems immune to the vulnerability

I have 2 other boards to test,
One of which is nfc… so I don’t think it will even be possible to test? But yay non insecure options

I have noticed, as a quirk… the wiring harness is close but not the same… so you can’t technically just unplug and swap the board in like I hoped, you’ll need to wire in the new harness since the relay wires are transposed

Good news blue board, that appears 99% the same, but uses a daughterboard for nfc seems to read x series just fine, it lights up and triggers my Xsiid
(Amal, I’d be willing to send this one to you to play with to see if you might want to sell it or whatever, I have no active plans for it yet… and shipping from China is terrible)

Bad news, the double antenna board fails, and will open with the vulnerability


So this is a winner??


Thanks so much! For ordering and testing them.
I’d definitely chip in on your costs. I couldn’t do anything to help.

I’ll get a few ordered.

Much appreciated :partying_face:

That’s the one that’s works for me,
The nfc version of that listing also appears to work with x series implants also

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Yeah it does.

I actually have both also but didn’t want to step on your toes with your testing.

By the way, I’m pretty sure The HF one only uses 3 bytes of the UID