X-AC antenna extension?

Hello y’all,

Finally installed my X-Men access system, but that wire antenna is no short …

Anyone ever extended it?
Anything I need to watch for?

As a side note, it seam they only register em tags right?


If you mean the XACv2?

Yea I extended it for my big gun safe project

Don’t judge my quick heat shrink solder joints, they haven’t failed me yet, and are super quick

That’s been my experience,

…oh and that stupid master(?) code that you can’t delete


I’m not judging you and want to get myself some of those for testing purposes.

Awesome, thanks.

Now I need to make the outdoor enclosure for the antenna and run the wires :+1:

I wished there were a HF version of it to enroll the NFC chip so I don’t have to re-program the t5577 every time :sweat_smile:

It might be worth getting a second implant in that case but I don’t have the full details of your use case.

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Yeah mate, as mentioned below, plus a good number more have also.

Personally I have done some long extensions and used thin Coax like this


and some thin shielded network cable and just twisted up a couple of pairs

like this


I have also done some shorter extensions using just some twin

I’m actually surprised you have never tried them before. :exploding_head:
They work quite well, although I tend to use solder and heat shrink far more often, but, if I have a solder splice of the right size, and it’s nearby, and i’m only joining 2 wires of the same guage together I would use it.
Soldering gives you a number of joining method options, the splices, only require basic wire prep ( Stripping and cutting to length )
The place I have used them the most would be on vehicle wiring.

You can buy them in sets

My Opinion, there is a time an place for them and Eriequiets project is a good example.

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Third world problems… And I tend to forget every time that I order something from Amazon…

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There IS one, I have one, it’s in the thread about finding an XAC alternative that didn’t have that code flaw

I should have mentioned im looking at 20-50cm extension max … Sounds like twin wire should to it :+1:

And I’ll have to get a few of those access control, for “science” :sweat_smile:

If you mean the model with the 2 antenna coils, that one had the master code issue

The HF version might be easier to extend because it uses a daughter board, so possibly extending the lead won’t mess with antenna tuning

The lf version of you are extending it a lot you might want to look into using coax or some kind of shielded cables… there was concern adding more wire could negatively effect tuning

In my experience, you can extend the xAC antenna wires at least 6 feet without issue

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