XACv2 security flaw

There is in quantum computing lol

True, but the options available to a qubit still don’t allow for “not existing”… even if schrodingers bit is superpositioned.

Well I just bought 3 potential control boards from ali to try out

1 very similar to the xac, but a blue and pcb slightly different board layout, hopefully a different manufacturer… and not running ripped off firmware :sweat_smile:

2 double antenna xac, very different board layout, hopefully not running the same firmware

3, very similar to xac but running 13.56 with a daughter board on the antenna…

Give shipping a month or so


Anything that fails with the exploit I’ll plan to return, and I think I’ll leave a public review posting about it…

It may be the only thing that might get a response from them :man_shrugging:t2:


I never would have written code that mapped the UIDs in the EEPROM simply by offset without any “in use” flag. Crazy. Looked into the processor they use and it’s a clone of an ancient 8051. Was hoping it was something more modern where we could just write our own code. I’m not familiar with the 8051 or it’s toolchain…

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Mind getting links to the second 2? Sounds kinda interesting with 2 input antennas, also hf is hf.

Edit: nevermind I think I found it


This one both “colors” there only an icon for the 13.56 version

Did you try out those boards?

Yep, I swear I posted that I tested them,
The second link above the blue board single antenna didn’t have the exploit,
However it was noted that they only check the first half? Or 2? Bits I forget the details they are on here somewhere…. But a weak password is still better than essentially 0000000 as a master password