XBT and Proxmark

I’am trying to read my XBT with a proxmark. No luck so far. I can read the XBt with the Halo Reader.
Any help please.


We’ve found you have to get the proxmark antenna right on. Like right ontop of the xBT and if you’re off by a couple mm in any direction it won’t read.

Finally, using lf search won’t work unless you change the lf config to 134kHz, but lf fdx read does work. But again, you have to get the antenna like directly onto the xBT.

We also have a Halo and we know it reads from like 2 or 3 inches away, so it’s very easy to work with the xBT with that. The Proxmark is waaaaay more fiddly in terms of antenna alignment.

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how can I change the configuration to 134 kHz and then change it back? I like also to read it with my PM3 :slight_smile:

To change it to 134kHz you can do:
lf config H
That will let you do stuff like lf search and have it find the xBT.

However - you don’t need to do that. Just use:
lf fdx read
And that tells the proxmark you want to read an FDX-B tag.

In our experience, the biggest problem with the Proxmark was getting the antenna aligned correctly.

Edited to add: here’s the sort of output you’ll get from the Proxmark with xBT.

proxmark3> lf fdx read

FDX-B / ISO 11784/5 Animal Tag ID Found:          
Animal ID:     0985-141001012345          
National Code: 141001012345          
CountryCode:   0985          
Reserved Code: 0          
Animal Tag:    True          
Has Extended:  False [0x165]          
CRC:           0x6F88 - 0x6F88 - [Passed]

The ‘Has Extended’ bit is the temperature. Convert from hex to decimal and divide by 10 to get the temp in celcius.